Ramesh moved to Blore almost  4yrs ago..Lalbagh main gate is just 3/4 kms from our place. And  we pass through lalbagh main gate many times. Still we never went to Lalbagh. True we dint have a reason to go Lalbagh. As most of bangaloreans would know, its turned into more of a Lover's park than, a botanical garden. (But we cannot deny  it has a good count of people who go there for jogging ONLY early mornings). Well, as usual there was flower show arranged for  Independence day. And this time, i insisted that we go...

India Gate, done in flowers..
India Gate, done with flowers.
myself in front of the gate.
Me in front of Colourful gate

We dint want to go on August 15th, as it would be much crowded. We decided to go next weekend...Flowershows are arranged for almost 3 weeks. 1 week before and after of Independence day, and republic day every year. This year's  theme was India gate..

Decorative Green
pot of flowers, beautifully arranged..
Pots with colurful flowers

It was sunday, as usual we woke up late. (Never feel like getting up early in week-ends after watching back to back movies previous nights:).. Also we need break from early mornings and hurrying to office stuff which are common in a week-day )  By the time we reached Lalbagh it was around 12:00pm:)

Did you know that Lalbagh the Red garden,  was originally commissioned by Hyder ali,  the ruler of  Mysore, and later finished by his son Tipu sultan... Lalbagh is spread over 240 acres and has  4 gates,  West,east, north, and south.. Each gates leads you to different areas altogether..  We had two good hours watching  rare and colurful flowers and enjoy its beauty.
If you Love flowers, and you are in Blore, dont miss this Annual flower show. Next  show is on  January 26th 2012....

colurful flowers arranged beautifully..
Wow so many colours.
one more...
One more

small fountain in Lalbaghh
Small fountain in Lalbagh
This arrangements have prizes too..
View of Glass house

This arrangements have prizes too..
This has Prizes too
Colourful flowers
Row of Unique and rare flowers.

          Flower basket..
 Flower Basket
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  1. Thanks for useful info. Good that I came across ur blog at the right time. Will go and enjoy flower show @ today :) after I wake up in morning (noon !)

  2. Thanks. Glad that u found it useful.. Hope u got up Morning/Noon :) and enjoyed Flower show..

  3. Thanks for your nice photo's. it really nice n useful. i like it.

  4. Hi, Its a nice post.

    MY parents are visiting Bangalore this weekend.

    DO you know if there would be something worth watching on new year.

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