My parents  Kula Devata or Family God is Lord Shiva and Parvathy.   The Deity here is        called as Shankara Lingeshwara and Swaramma.

Its located in Madaksira village, Andrapradesh. Its around 4hours journey from our house
After marriage  we decided to visit my parents Family god.. We started Early morning and reached there by noon.. Its a small temple is located in village and temple is open once a day as their is no much visitors.. Once in a year there is jatre ( Mela or Annual fair)  when the temple is opened for a week with celebration  and all the devotees visit...

Family time

It was very hott

It was not a Jatra time, and we had to call the purohit to inform we will be visiting.. He agreed to open the temple till noon... Temple is located in a Barren land and it was a very hot day.. We reached by 11.30am. 

Lord Shankaralinga is located on top of a hill, where as Swaramma is located below the hill..  We had arranged for a pooja.. After darshan we decided to start back.. But Purohit insisted we have lunch at his home as there is no restaurants in a village..

Swaramma Deity


We finished lunch and started back.. Reached bangalore by 9pm. Had dinner in a restaurant and reached home by 10pm...

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