We vacated our rooms,  Had breakfast and started around 7:00 am.. Koodala sangama is around 3 hrs journey from Hospet....On the way we passed by T.B/Hospet dam, and we saw more gates of the dam, compared to night. May be around 20 were opened. When i asked the driver, he said "Since it is independence day today, all the 33 gates of the dam will  opened, they will open one by one and by 12p.m, all 33 will be opened" ..  It would have been a spectacular view to see all 33 gates opened, but since we were supposed to go more places we could not wait...But yeah were lucky enough to watch atleast 20+ opened..

1. Sangamantha temple
2. Mutt near sangamantha temple
3. Rock garden (Alammati)
4. Krishna garden (Alammati)
5. Lava-Kusha garden (Alammati)
6. Badami


Kudala Sangama is an important pilgrimage center for the Lingayat community. It is located at around 15 km from Alamatti dam. The samadhi of Basavanna , the founder of the Lingayat sect  is located here. The shiva linga here is said to Swayambu Linga. @ the entrance of the temple we can find  river krishna, where people can go boating.. We skipped boating and directly went to sangamanatha temple.. We need to climb few steps on the path way bridge of the river, and then get down the cylindrical shaped steps to reach  Swayambu Linga.  We had darshan and headed to next place...

Sangamanatha temple
Sangamanatha temple

Stairs, to get down in Sangameshwara temple
Stairs to get down in sangameshwara temple


We sat in the car, and  while telling the driver to  ask  localites about the route  to Rock Garden in Alamatti dam. (Our next destination) i noticed this colourful mutt, which was just 15 steps away from Sangama temple.. I asked him to stop by, and went inside the mutt(I dont remember the name of that mutt/ashram).  The preachings  of Basavaana(Poet & Religious leader of  Lingayat community) are beautifully explained in colourful paintings...We took some snap and headed to next destination...

Mutt near Sangamantha temple1
Mutt near sangamantha temple

Mutt near Sangamantha temple 3
Mutt near sangamantha temple


Alamatti dam, is one of the big dam, built across Krishna river in North karnataka.. This dam has a  beautiful gardens, which is around 12kms of area. Rock garden and  Krishna garden is located in  Lal bahudar shashtri nagar. This dam is also called lal bahudur shastri dam..

Rock garden is a beautiful theme park with 3 acres of artifical lake, with boating facility, and idol/statues of native people showcasing there professions.. And much more, because of scorching heat, mom/dad gave up and sat under a tree. Ramesh n we went for a quick walk in hot sun, took some snaps and walked back..If you are going in evening, this can easily take an hour's walk and you can enjoy the theme

Rock garden entrance
Rock garden entrance.

Rock Garden 1
Rock Garden 1


This park is in same campus, but around 2kms away..(You can go in car). This park is a theme park dedicated to Krishna and his Leela's...I took some snaps, and a man came running, that we should not take pics. But the funny part was we took a ticket for camera. When asked, he said, the guy giving ticket is new one, n gave by mistake... By then i had already taken few snaps :)... Since it was very hot, we skipped walking further and left to next destination.. 

Krishna Garden 2
Krishna garden

Krishna Garden 3
Krishna garden

My parents n Ramesh dint show interest in this park, as it was very hot, and they were  not even letting take pics. I  told Ramesh, will just go a round, take pics and back in 10 mins, as promised, took few snaps and returned soon. This park's theme is about Lava-Kusha and their child hood days( I hope you guys know who is Lava-Kusha(Lord Rama's n Sita's son). We then left to Badami, which is around, 65kms from Kudala sangama...

Lava-Kusha Garden 3
Lava-Kusha garden

Lava-Kusha Garden 1
Lava-Kusha garden

We reached Badami around 2:00 pm,  directly checked in a hotel ( I had already booked RajaSangama International hotel (Over phone).  Freshened up, had lunch in same hotel, and  asked driver to take us to Badami Caves...   Badami Fort/caves is  just  5mins from hotel Rajasangama I was amazed  to see  huge monolithic rocks, somewhat  reddish brown in color everywhere.. It was already 3:00 pm, i was little worried as we had only 2/3hrs and had below things to  see...

1. Museum
2. Fort
3. Cavess
Boothnatha temples

Badami Museum:
This musueum is at the foot of the Badami fort.  We decided to first visit  museum then head to Fort, as i knew it  it closes by 5:30pm.  This museum houses stone equipments and sculptures from  Badami, Aihole and Pattadkal.  One more rare thing that caught  our attention was  Lajja-Gauri image of a fertility cult .. Since there were lot of people back of us, we just walked. Later  while  coming out of the museum, i noticed no one was there, and took this snap :)  when checked more about  this Lajja-Gauri on net, learnt  Lajja Gauri  is a  godess associated with abundance and fertility.  We then walked to  Badami fort..

Entrance of the Museum
Entrance of museum

Godess of Fertility in Badami Museum.
Godess of  Fertility in Badami

Badami fort:

Left to the museum you will entrance to Badami fort, which was  built by  Tipu Sultan.  Mom was tired, and she said she would wait near the Museum,  so even dad stayed back to acompany her.  So only me n ramesh headed to  fort.  First 5 mins  we walked easily as there are  proper steps carved out of same sand stones.  But further we had to hike in a path way, also  since there were couple of deviations it was easy to get lost. We  dint want to  give up, we just walked further, climbing the rocks  we found, on our way. Some rocks were literally attached to each other, and  only one person could walk between them. Once we reached top of that rock, we saw beautiful view of Badami, and Agastya lake..

We noticed  a temple like structure opposite side of the rock, we climbed down, and headed towards that structure. We saw a watch man there, he said,  this is shiva temples (No idols and prayers thou).  We could also find some shrines and graneries.  We could also see a watch tower kinda thing, were Flag was hoisted same day before(it was Aug 15th).  It was  already 4:30 by then, i told ramesh we have to make it fast, as  Badami caves will be closed by  6:00 pm.. We rested for 5mins and  headed to  Badami Caves.. 

shrines on top of Fort
Shrines on top of Fort.
Place where flag was hoisted...
Place where flag was hoisted.

Badami CAVES:

There are four caves, one above the other.. The first cave can be reached by around 40/50 steps... I was totally  speechless seeing those huge  red sculptures...

Cave 1:

The first cave is dedicated to Lord shiva, and this was first to be excavated in rock around 550 AD.  The cave has open court yard in front and  amazing sculpture  of  Nataraja, with  eighteen arms depiciting 9 bharatha-Natya Postures.. We can also find Ganesha and Subramanya in the inner walls of same cave.. This cave also inhouses  Lord shiva with his family including Parvati, Ganesha and subramanya on one more wall. Beautiful carvings are not only limited to walls of caves,  but also on the ceilings.. Ceilings of this caves has five hooded Nagaraja, king of snakes flanked by charming celestical couples... We took lot of snaps here, and  walked to upper cave....

Natraja depiciting 9 Bhartha natya postures..
Natraja depiciting 9 bhartha-natya postures.

Shiva with Parvati on one more wall
Shiva with parvati on one more.

5 hodded Nagaraja, king of snakes
5 hodded Nagraja, king of snakes.

Celestial snake couples
Celestial snake couples

Cave 2:
The second cave is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this can be reached with around 50 steps from the  first Cave...  We can find Varaha avatara , which  has human body,  boar face , holding Bhudevi in one hand, and Shanku chakra in 2 more hands.  On the other wall we can see Vamana Avatara , which has greater details of  Bali chakravarthi and vamana's story.Again the ceilings here have amazing carvings, two things which caught my attention was  Swastik pattern, which has no end or beginning, and a Chakra (wheel) surrounded by fishes. B/W   Cave  2 and Cave 3, we can find entrance to Tippu fort,  which is now closed..

Chakra of fishes
chakra of fishes.

Swasstik , which has no end or beginning.
Swastik, which has no end or beginning.

Varaha Avatar on one of the wall
Varaha Avatar on one of wall.

Vaman avatar on one of walls...
Vaman Avatar on one of walls.

Cave 3:
Again this third cave is dedicated to Lord vishnu, here you can find  carvings  of Varaha and Vamana avatar  repeated, and few other  carvings including Hari-Hara,  Narasimha, vishnu seated on Adi sesha, Huge  Dwarapalaka with different weapons in multiple hands. The ceilings include Indra with his Ashta dikpalakas. And brackets are covered with Divine loving couples..  This cave is the most ellaborate among all 4, and contains many  carvings of Lord vishnu....

Lord Hari-Hara. (Shiva and  Vishnu)
Lord Hari-Hara (Shiva & Vishnu)

Lord narasimha
Lord Narasimha

Vamana avatara on one wall
Vamana avatara on one wall
Vishnu on Adi sesha on one more wall
Vishnu on Adi sesha on one more wall

Cave 4:
This was last cave, and it is mainly dedicated to Jains... Guide was telling , it took around  100 years to carve this 4th cave.. The main highlight of the cave is the image of Lord Mahavira inside the sanctum. Other than this we can find  carvings of   24 Jain tirthankars.  It was around 6:00 pm and they started whistling to get down, as it was closing time...  Since we had only 1 and half hours, all  i could do is  take  glance of the carvings and  take snaps. Wish we had more time, so we would  take more time to understand and observe those amazing carvings. We were still left with Boothnath temple in Badami, decided to accomodate tommorrow..  We then left to our rooms. We decided to hire a car locally in Badami for tommorow's journey, and settled money,  and sent back driver to Hospet....

4th Cave, jain carvings.
4th Cave, jain caarvings.
4th Cave, jain carvings...
4th Cave, jain caarvings.

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