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We took sky train from Sale Daeng to Siam square. Once you get down in siam square station it is 3mins walk to Siam Paragon.. Siam Paragon is a mall that has  restaurants, Siam ocean world, Madame tussads and many more...

Sky train map we used

We bought a super value pack that includes Aquarium, 4D theatre, Glass-bottom boat, happy fish happy feet, back of the house tour, and Pepsi & popcorn that costs 900bahts per person.

Siam paragon, mall

Aquarium .

Main attraction of Siam ocean world is Aquarium. Where  4 million litres of water shelter sea and river fishes, frog and toads, penguins, amphibians and mammals are available..  The underwater tunnel where you can watch sharks and stingrays swimming over your head. We had great time, watching sharks, and different kinds of fishes.

Huge shark

Shark feeding show..
small fishes

Colourful fishes.

Sharks swimming over glass top, above head

Happy fish happy feet:

This was our first fish spa/pedicure, i was little hesitant and worried if fish would bite. Watched couple of people taking spa, finally took come courage and got in :).. The tiny fishes nibble on our feets but don't bite.. After 30mins of session, feet were washed and dried. After this we felt feet was smooth and clean, as fishes eat away the dry and dead skins....

Tickles a lot, our first fish massage.
Our first fish massage together

Fish massage for Ramesh leg

Fish massage for my leg

Glass-bottom boat

The glass-bottomed boat rides  was quite fun . Here we sit in a boat , and watch fish through open glass bottom.. the pool was full of all types of fish and some large sharks as well.

Ready for Next turn of Glass boat
Fish/shark in the bottom

 4D Theatre 

Its a  20 minute movie in 4D. These seats employ a lot of sudden jerks and tilts. They even have air blowers that will suddenly sprinkle water and blow air on your face as the movie is being played. It was a excellent short movie..I loved it..

All set to watch 4d movie..

Back of House Tour

It gives a behind-the-scenes look at the aquarium's workings. The staff showed us what goes into taking care of the fish, the tanks and their breeding. Here we saw Jelly fish, Nemo and many other fishes and sharks too..

crab coming out of shell
Nemo fish
Jelly fish

Some pictures taken at entrance of Siam ocean world.. We took them while coming back, as morning we were late  and directly went to shark feeding..



Entrance of Madame tussads, we skipped this.

It was already  2;00pm by then we had lunch in KFC and went for shopping..

Lunch at KFC.

After lunch, we took a sky train from siam square station to National stadium station and walked 2mins for  MBK shopping mall. After strolling different floors in mall, i felt it  was too costly. So we decided to head to Lalai sap market as suggested by  travel agent from hotel...

MBK shoping mall

Ramesh seeing shirt in MBK mall

Again from National stadium we took sky train to Sala Daeng BTS station.

Me swiping pass to use sky train

A/C sky train.

Lalai sap Market (Silom)

Once you get down at  Sala Daeng BTS station, its 5mins walk.. This market is spread on a small shops in either side of the road.Things are quite cheap here.But this market is from 5am to 5pm . It was  4;00pm... Most of them were closing, i could only buy clothes for sis-in-law kids and a sweater for me.. There was so much to buy i wanted to come again as it was closing time.. We decided we can come here tom early morning.. 

Dress i bought for kids..

We reached back out hotel around 5;00pm, we immediately freshened up and rushed for Siam Niramit show..

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