Arun calls back after 1 hour..

Arun: Hey sweetie, what are you doing..

Ramya: Nothing.. I am busy will talk to you later..

Arun: (Realises she is angry) Ohh you are still angry at me??? Come on understand my BIL has to recover, only then i can talk to my sister, and make her talk to my parents....

Ramya :But they spoke to me well. Why cant you directly talk to your parents..

Arun : No dear, most of things are decided by my BIL and sister. So i need to wait for my BIL..But i love only you dear.. Dont worry.. How can i miss a pretty girl like you and marry others??

Ramya: hmmm ok..(Falls for his praise , as usual)

Arun: Can you meet me now ???

Ramya: Mom/dad has gone to marriage, they will come in an hour. If we r coming back by then, I can come....

Arun: Ok sure, we can come back early.. Come near that field, Will pick you from there.

Ramya: (She got ready in 10mins and went near the field). Arun was already waiting there.

He takes her to a nearby restaurant.. They both eat dosa and have coffee...And spoke for sometime... After that, Arun takes her to his friends house..

Ramya: Yeah why did you stop here??

Arun: Just wanted to introduce you to my friend...

Ramya : In their house ?? wont his parents be there?

Arun: He is married dear... (By then his friend comes out, and invites them inside)

Friend: Please come inside.. Atlast you are getting your girl.. You both make a great pair..

Arun: Thanks da...

Ramya : (Was looking here n there for his wife).....

Friend: Oh you are looking for my wife. She has gone to her mother place for delivery.. I will just come back in 5mins, will get something to eat, you know am a bachelor again, and cant cook.

Ramya :Its ok........We just ate Dosa....

Friend: How is this possible, you come home first time, and wont take anything ??? Naah will come back soon..

Its only Arun and Ramya at house now...
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