Ramya walked home alone today, She was totally in her own world, thinking about how to get Arun;s parents talk to her parents, how to convince her parents, She stopped when someone called her "hey Akka"

Ramya turned back to see, who it is... It was Shruti...And they both walked home together.... (Shruti is Arun;s niece, 2nd daughter of Arun;s sister, she stays with Arun;s parents i.e her grand parents)

Ramya: Hi putti, how are you, are you coming from school now ??. Its already 4;30pm..

Shruti : Yes Akka, we had drama practise in our school, so late today..

Ramya: oh good....How is your father ??

Shruti: Yeah he is good, mom/dad will come next week , and bring me dress for festival.

Ramya: (Realised Shruti might not be aware of her dad's accident) Oh ok good.. So from when are you staying in your grand parents place..

Shruti : I am here from 1st standard.

Ramya : Oh.. Who all stays here in your grand parents, and who stays in your parents place. (Ramya was keen to learn more about Arun;s family, she brought her a chocolate, before asking her a series of questions)

Shruti : Oh Dairy milk, my favourite chocolate, thanks akka. Here.... my grand parents, myself, and  Manju mama... There my parents, Shilpa and Arun mama..

Ramya: (Ramya knew about Arun, his parents, his sister and bil/mama.. She had never heard of Manju and Shilpa...) Is manju mama married ??? What is shilpa studying ??

Shruti: No Manju mama is not married.. And Shilpa Akka is now 10th standard..

Ramya : oh ok..When is Arun Mama coming..

Shruti: Arun mama wont come here, he will stay there only, marry Shilpa akka..

Ramya: Ramya was totally shocked... What Shilpa and Arun marriage ?????????

Shruti : Yes, you know i will get lots of dresses for there marriage..Ok bye akka, this is my house..

Ramya: hann.... bye.... bye...

Ramya was totally shocked, and was not sure if what this little girl told was true.. She could not believe this.. Could not wait to meet Arun and clarify this...And to  add to this. Arun dint call that evening and next evening...


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