By then phone rang..."uncle Rajesh here, i cant come, my roommate met with small accident, i need to be with him, you people carry on, have a nice time" said Rajesh...

Oh, am sorry, call me if you need anything..

"Padma, Rajesh wont come, his roommate met with accident, ok lets start its already late "Says Jagdish..

Ramya felt better, she dint want to spend time with Rajesh.

It was one of the biggest hall in the city..It was a very grand marriage..Padma and Ramya sat in chair, while Jagdish was
talking to his Colleagues.After some time they gave gift and left to dinner..It was a buffet dinner, with variety of food. It ranged from Snacks/chats to South indian, North indian, and multiple deserts...

"Wow, food is really delicious, and see the caterers they are so organised, and treating people so well. Check with the your boss about caterer details, we can plan him for our Ramya's wedding" said Padma..

"I dont think we can afford this caterer, but yeah let me check, anyway we dont need this much of variety of food and Its after all NRI relation, we need to stretch to their level" said Jagdish.

After a week, Jagdish fixed an appointment to meet the Caterer in his office... Padma, Ramya and Jagdish left to meet the caterer..

They were surprised to see young Caterer..He gave his card
and started explaining the menu and its rate...

"our son-in-law itself is a chef, so Tasty food is very imp in this marriage" said jagdish.

"ohh nice, then he can recommend me to his hotel, Just kidding...Btw i was working in Le Meridien hotel as a main chef for 3yrs, you see my dad wanted me to have some exp, before taking over his Catering buisness"said Raghu(caterer)

"What ??? Le Meridien, oh great my son-in-law works their too... Do you know him by the way, his name is Rajesh. Said Jagdish...

Whattttttttt Rajesh is the groom of this marriage ????? Said Raghu.


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