Driver suggested us, to b ready @ 8:00, as we had to go place called Bhagmandala, and return back by 2:00 p.m, as we had bus @ 4:00 back to blore...

Cab was on time and  we started towards  bhagmandala, we first stopped at Bhagmandala, and visited Bhagamandaleshwara, this was temple dedicate to shiva, temple was built in kerala
style.  There is a small kalyani also, where people were taking bath, it is a belief that it is sacred to take bath and worship shiva as this place joins 3 rivers  Cauvery, Kannike and Sujyothi Rivers and forms  Triveni Sangama. We  just sprinkled lil of water on our head, and visited temple, and  started to next place, Talakaveri.

Main Entrance of Bhagamandaleshwara temple
Main entrance of  Bhagamandaleshwara temple..

Bhamandala templ,No gopuram, built in kerala style
Bhagamandala temple, no gopuram (Built in kerala style)

 Talakaveri is a considered to be source of  river kaveri. The temple here is dedicated to Goddess Caveriamma.It is located in the Brahmagiri hills of Coorg. Localites there told thousands of pilgrims flock to the river's birthplace to witness the rise of the fountainhead..

Top of talacaveri temple..
Top of talcaveri temple

Talacavery entrance
Talacavery entrance

Bramhagiri Hills:
We then decided to trek Brahmagiri Hill, which is 1608 m height,  hoping to find  temple there, it was breathtaking steep climb, i had to sit  many places take rest, and again trek before reaching hill, we dint find any temple there thou, but had a nice view point..

View from Brahmagiri hills
View from Brahmagiri hills...

Brahmagiri hills..........
Brahmagiri hills...

We returned back to home stay from talakaveri, had lunch, and started back to Blore.. Over all it was a pleasant and much needed time out for us as, both myself and Ramesh were involved in project work for the last 3-4 months and couldn't even go out on week-ends.

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