Friends and relatives started giving gifts and headed to lunch. Ramya's parents also decided to give gifts and have lunch and start back to Bangalore..

Ok Krishnappa it was nice function and arrangements were
great...We are starting now..You people are starting tommorrow evening right ??(Says Ramya's Dad)

Yes we will start tommorrow evening..Thanks for coming all the  way pa.. Rakesh....... Drop them(Ramya n family) to bus stand.. (Says krishnappa)

Ramya is now busy with her studies for final year exam..
And even Rakesh is busy with his Project works..

After some days....

Vedavathi: Rakesh is joining Job from next week....His job
has onsite opportunities it seems, he can earn more..And
once he settles there he can take us also, i am very happy...

Ramya mom: Oh is it.. But you said you will settle down in
your town house once both Suresh and Rakesh are married..

Vedavathi: Oh yeah, he(krishnappa) wants to settle there,
But i hate there.. I want to stay abroad...Some of my cousins
are there...They come once in while and tell how good it is
there and all..I always wanted to settle abroad....

Ramya mom: hmmmmmm (Figures out Vedavathi is obssessed with Abroad life and Money)

Ramya has just finished her exams....

Mom its really boring to sit at home, its just 2days i already
feel bored...After Bsc i will start searching a job, i cant sit
at home like you all day.....(Says Ramya)

Yes dear, even i want you to work, thats y i wanted you
to Study....Why dont you join the course Rakesh suggested.
Next time he comes lets ask details about that......

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