On a lazy week-end i felt like having a good brunch,
looked on zomato for  reviews and found Egg factory

Egg factory is ideal for Continental Breakfast, Brunch, and Evening snacks. 

Though menu is more of Continental, it  has  few options in south/north indian type  too..

Spanish omelette

Cilantro Chilly sause - Frittata

Egg Factory is all about Eggs, Eggs and Eggs.
Choose any menu, and its made of Eggs. 

We tried, Frittata (Cilantro Chilly sause) ,
Fajitas (Scrambled egg with mushroom, red bell pepper and tomatoes), Classic french toast with Maple syrup and Spanish omelette,

Classic french toast with Maple syrup.  

Egg,mushroom,redbell pepper - Fajitas

Food was very tasty, and i loved the  Classic French toast with Maple syrup. 

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