Ramya was simply standing not sure of what to do.. Rakesh was just silent waiting for his mom to shut, he knew its wrong time to talk/argue against his mother..

Vedavathi was crying and scolding on and off..

What will i tell them now, how will i face them.. What will i tell to all relatives who come for Engagement now... Rakesh was never like this.. I dono what did this people do to him. Such a nice proposal. We are fools to miss it.. We were so respectable people, now we have to bend in front of everyone..

Calm down Atthige(anni) what can we do now.. Marriage is over... Marriage is already fixed in heaven, this is all reasons thats all.. Love marriage is common everywhere now, dont worry about people they talk even when everything is right comforted Krishnappa;s sister...

Amma.. Amma they came said Rajni....

Sarika her parents and few close relatives came in... Rohini shouted asking how they could cheat, why werent they informed, when they knew Rakesh loves someone...How they are to face people, and its such a financial loss also..

Krishnappa said to Sarika's father.. "We are very sorry, i can understand how much of a trouble this is.. But even we dint knew about all this..It all happened in a hurry.. There is nothing i can do for facing people, i will just close my hands and ask sorry. But please tell me how much it costed, i will give cheque right now"

Who needs money ?? Guess you dont now how rich we are.. We just agreed for this marriage as you people are Rajni's relative and we wanted Sarika to marry a Indian guy, who will move with us to USA...
said Rohini..

Mom cool Down..Its alright, marriages are made in heaven.. Looks like Rakesh is not meant for me.. Rakesh and the girl make a good pair..I will get a better one dont worry.. Now lets go from here said Sarika and walked away...

We are leaving you alone as its Rajni's relatives or we would have complained for all this insult and trouble said Rohini...

Once they left, Krishnappa called few relatives and briefed about engagement cancel.. And also sent suresh near Engagement hall to inform relatives who would have come there...

Rakesh take Ramya to room.. Vedavathi go and get some sleep, you have been crying for hours.. Rajni take her inside ma.. Akka(referring to his sister) can you cook something for all, or shall i order something ??

No Krishna, its ok we wll manage to cook.. Go first console Veda said Krishna's sister and Rajni's mother said the same..

Ramya and Rakesh changed dress and just remained in the room..

Krishnappa trying to console Vedavathi went in vain, when she started shouting at him, that he was also part of this...He decided to just leave her alone for few days, till she cools down...

Nobody bothered to join for lunch, so Rajni took lunch to Vedavathi's room.. Others ate lunch.. Rakesh took food for Ramya and himself in room itself..

Anna we will start tonite bus, said Krishna sister and Rajni's mother..

Rakesh and Ramya decided to postpone the first night till things cooled down.. They dint bother to come out for dinner..


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