Ramya came out in next 5mins.. Mom we are going to friends reception, we will come late, as the marriage hall is far.. You and dad have dinner and go to sleep.. Dont wait said Rakesh..

Eat what ?? Your wife got dressed and leaving, what should we eat, i am suffering from leg pain said Vedavathi..

Aunty, noon's sambar was still there, so i prepared rice and curry.. said Ramya.

who will eat that, we wanted chapati's for night said Vedavathi..

Oh i told you yesterday itself na mom, that we are going to a friend;s reception, if you had told earlier, she could have done chapati's said rakesh...

Oh lets not bother your wife pa, we will starve..You both go and enjoy and have nice food and come said Vedavathi.

Its ok Rakesh, it hardly takes 20mins.. Just watch tv will finish soon, said ramya and walked to kitchen.. next 20mins she prepared 6 chapati's and put it in hot box.. And said curry is there, i have also done tomato chutney...

Vedavathi just nodded yes..

Rakesh took the car out, and both left..

Sorry sweetie, you had to do it in last min.. You were all dressed up said Rakesh..

Its ok Rakesh no worries.. You know what i am just glad she is letting me cook, i used to hate eating everyday in hotel.. Atleast now i am cooking and able to take lunch box for us said Ramya..

They reached reception late, most of their colleagues had left, they wished the couple, gave gift had dinner and left..

Ramya lets take a long drive, its such a nice breeze outside said Rakesh.. They both enjoyed a long drive, listening to romantic film songs,finally around 12;30 they reached home.. Since they had the keys they dint have to wake up his parents.

You know Ramya i am very happy today.. It all still looks like a dream.. From the day i saw you i liked you and wanted to marry you.. Never in my dreams i thought we would be getting married so soon....Rakesh kept talking..... and by the time they hit the bed it was almost 2pm..

They both got up only when they heard someone knocking on there door.... Its already 8;00am and maharani is still sleeping? one week she did some work already tired with that?

Ramya immediately rushed to bathroom, brushed teeth and washed face and went to kitchen..

Sorry aunty we came late yesterday, slept late so....

Hmmm, reasons...By this kinda of innocent talks you brainwashed my son right...

Ramya ignored her words and prepared coffee for everyone...
Gave to Vedavathi and asked her aunty what breakfast shall i prepare today ? And for Lunch ??

Prepare chapati and egg curry.. For noon uncle will bring chicken, do Ghee rice and chicken sambar..

I can do Chapati egg curry and Ghee rice but chicken sambar.... said Ramya...

Rakesh came out and said mom she is a brahmin how can she cook Chicken..

Oh dint she knew this while marrying you, that you like non-veg and she need to learn cooking that.. Thats why you should have married Sarika, our caste girl who knows all our culture and habits..

Mom why are you talking about that now, you will never change said Rakesh and left to his room.. Ramya also took coffee cups and went to kitchen..

I am sorry Ramya, mom talks very rude, she is like that.. Dont force yourself to do egg curry too if you dont like...

Egg is fine Rakesh, mom used to prepare it.. But chicken i cant, i dont mind if people eats it next to me, but i will never want to cook or eat it....

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