Ramya left to her house next day.. And continued cooking, helping vedavathi and watching tv in her free time.. Rakesh used to skype Ramya every night.. Months passed by..........

veda veda suresh had called just now, Rajni have delivered a baby boy... I have arranged a vehicle, lets start evening to Rajni place.. said Krishnappa...

Wow what a great news, finally we became grand parents...
Ramya heard this and got some sugar.. Ramya you also get ready ma we wll drop you in your moms place and go, its not safe for you to travel in 7th month.. said vedavathi...

Ohh i wanted to see baby too aunty said Ramya..

Hmm dont worrry, neeways Rakesh is coming next month.. We were planning to have your seemantham(baby shower) in ur 9th month..
By then baby will be 3 months, so Rajni can attend with baby...

Vedavathi and krishnappa dropped Ramya at her place and left to town, Ramya bid good bye, asking them to send pics in mobile..

After a week, Krishnappa called Ramya
Till Rakesh comes you stay back in your moms place ma, we have decided to spend sometime here with baby..

Oh sure uncle.. said Ramya..

2 months passed by.... Today Rakesh was coming.. Ramya was entering her 9th month.. Her seemantham and Rajni suresh sons naming ceremony was arranged same day in big hall.

Krishnappa and Vedavathi had come to Bangalore to receive Rakesh, they all went to airport.. Moment Rakesh saw Ramya he hugged her tight and kissed her..

Hmmm slow slow she is not one person now, and tis is public.. you can continue once u go home.. We will leave u two and we all will go for a movie said Krishnappa and everyone laughed...

Ramyas mother had prepared a feast, every body had lunch happily...Rakesh had bought some gifts, he distributed to everybody. Krishnappa and vedavathi left to their place.. While Ramya and Rakesh stayed back..

After lunch they all went to take nap.. Rakesh was continuously touching Ramyas belly and kissing her face and belly again and again. Ramya face blushed with joy and proud..

Next day Rakesh took her to nearby Resort and spent a day there.. Ramya was very happy she literally spent all day hugging him..Rakesh told what all places he visited and life in usa and how he missed her.. After gap of 6 months the couple happily enjoyed each others company..

Finally the day of seemantham and Suresh Rajni baby naming ceremony arrived..


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