Its a practice to  visit and worship the Kula Devata on all special auspicious occasions like marriage, childbirth, when buying a house or when starting a new venture.. Some people visit family diety every year..

But after marriage  we could not visit my Family diety for couple of years.. My parents were planning to go to Family diety, so we decided to tag along.. My brother Mahesh also joined us...

My parents Family diety is Shankara Lingaeshwara and Swaramma - In small town called Pavgada, Madhgiri Taluk.

Swaramma Devi


Its around 5hours drive from our house.. So we started early morning... Its basically a village.. So we had our breakfast on the way and packed few snacks and Lunch for afternoon..

It was noon by the time we reached..  Though temple was closed,  since we come from far away place the purohit opened the temple and did pooja..Its a small temple in an open place..

Swaramma temple

There are two temples one is Devi swaramma, and one is Lord shankaralingeshwara which is top of small hill.. 

climbing hill with my mom n dad

Small hill leading to Shankaralingeshwara temple

Had good time with family...

 After pooja, we finished lunch and started back.. 

Overall it was 10hours journey to and fro..  But since its village and not much places to see around we always make it in a one day trip..


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