We had  bus @ 7:00 a.m, from Bangalore satellite bus stand, my dad dropped us there, right on time. But bus arrived only @ 7:30. It was so  chill in morning, i could manage to get some sleep in bus.. And got up only, when he stopped for breakfast @ some restaurant.

Place where we had breakfast..
Place where we had breakfast

. Breakfast was tasty...But after breakfast sleep was tooo far...Coz of traffic all over..bus was stopping every 2 mins....From blore, bus goes  via mysore to reach Madikeri  and coz of Dasara, roads were blocked, and was full of traffic, we were supposed to reach by 12:30.But finally reached @ 2:00..

We took an auto, to Home Stay which we had booked. (Only Phone Confirmation). And realized that, all  home stays were occupied coz of Dasara holidays...So we asked the auto driver to drop us to some Hotel, or  home stay if he knows any. Auto driver, Fareed took us to nice home stay. (1500 rs per day). Luckily  1 room was  vacant... It was 2:30 p.m, when we finally booked our home stay.

Home stay was owned by a couple, whose children were studying engineering in Blore. Fareed (Auto Driver) and home stay aunt recommended that we start immediately, so we could cover some place before it gets dark. We asked fareed to take us to all nearby places..(He charged 400 rs for 3 hrs)...So what next, we just dumped our bags, freshened up, and was all set,  to start visiting places. Home stay Aunt gave us some dosas(As it was 3:00 p.m and was too late to find  Lunch @ any Restaurants)

Below are Attractions in  Madikeri  (We could cover all these from 3:00p.m to 6:30p.m)

Abbey Falls:
 We first went to Abbey Falls, it was just  10 kms from our home stay...Auto stopped near gate, and we had to walk, 1 km to reach the falls...It was awesome,was kind of drizzling, but never saw anyone walking back. With water flowing and sprinkling all over, made it more cold..We had some photo sessions there, and spent some 30 mins.

This was on the way to abbey falls.
This was on the way to abbey falls..

Abbey Falls......
Abbey falls

Coorg Fort:
From there  we left to Madikeri Fort which is now turned to several Govt offices.It also houses a small museum with kodagu Soldiers & King's potraits, their weapons and few more things...

Madikeri fort, now turned Govt Offices....
Madikeri fort, now turned Govt offices..

This was in front of Madikeri fort(Govt Office)
This is in front of Madikeri fort (Govt office)

Omkareshwara Temple:
Fareed then took us to Omkareshwara temple,Omkareshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was built in 1820 by Lingarajendra Wodeyar II to ward off evil caused by Brahma Rakshasha. Localites there say,  that Lingarajendra killed an honest and pious Brahmin to fulfill his political ambitions. The Brahmin came back as 'Brahmarakshasa' to haunt the king. To ward off the evil spirit, a temple was constructed by Wodeyar.

Small kalyani in front of temple..
Small kalyani in front of temple..

Omkareshwara Temple
Omkareshwara temple

Gaddige/Raja's Tomb: We then left to gaddige,It was 3 tomb's of  Kodagu raja's, in an open ground, there was no much information about that, even localites hardly  knew about that. It was unattended by tourism dept, with no paintings.

This was one of the Raja's tomb....
This  is one of Raja's tomb...

Can you see tomb @ background.....
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Raja's seat:Lastly we we left to Raja Seat, It  was  5:30 p.m, wind was blowing so fast, making it more chill..We were so hungry as we had missed lunch and had ate  just 2 dosas.  I was looking @ ramesh to see if he buys me chats there( Usually he never eats nor lets me eat chats/food on road side, say's its not clean and  it will upset stomach). Guess he too, was hungry, he bought us some hot  Masala puri  and gobi Manchurian(Not tasty thou, but yes was filling & clean to certain extent). Once stomach was  filled, we walked around, place was excellent with cool breeze, we took few snaps, Raja's seat has a view of the whole of Coorg hills. It is said that,  Mysore kings used to visit this place in summer and enjoy coorg's beauty... Every evening, musical fountain is played to the tunes of popular kannada and hindi numbers. We could see some kids enjoying this dancing musical fountain....

Raja's seat's, view point....
Raja seats, view point

Can u see musical fountain at background..
Can u see musical fountain at background

It was  6:30 by then, Fareed called us, and asked if we can return(as he had other pick up). On the way back fareed suggested us to book a cab for tommorrow, as we have to travel 30Kms from madkeri to Kushalnagar. We got one of his contacts & booked a cab.(1000rs per day). We returned to home stay, by then aunt had prepared some rice,rasam and some bhajiyas.

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