We checked out pattya hotel, We had booked Bell bus to  pick us up from Hotel Riveria, pattaya and drop us to Astera Sathorn hotel in Bangkok..It was 700 Bahts for the drop...Bus came sharp @ 9;00am, and in next 2.5hrs we  reached Bangkok. We were then given mini vans to drop us to our hotels from Bangkok bell office....

Bell bus from Pattaya to Bangkok

We checked in @ Astera sathron at 11;30am..  Its a 5 star hotel with Safe deposit box, Mini fridge, huge room, living room and attached tub.

Astera sathorn hotel (Hotel where we stayed in Bangkok)
Ramesh filling form to check in

Cozy bed

Safe deposit box

Mini Fridge

T.V and Sofa in Living room..

We were supposed to start immediately to see all wats of Bangkok city, & Evening go to Siam niramit show.But we took an hour to settle down and relax. Around 12;30 we ed, and took a cab  to first destination, wat benchamabophit, which is 7kms from hotel..

wat benchamabophit (Marble temple)
 Address: 69 Rama V Road. Timings, 06.00-06.00 daily 
Entrance ticket 20bahts  per person

The temple was built using white Carrara marble imported from Italy – hence its tourist name, the Marble Temple. The original name, Wat Benchamabopit means The Temple of the Fifth Great Monarch, which was King Chulalongkorn, Rama 

wat benchamabophit (Marble temple)

You can see different buddha images, before reaching temple

Some ritual going on, a guy and his parents..

Us in front of Buddha in Marble temple

Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) or Grand palace.
Address: Thanon Na Phra Lan  Timings 8:30 am – 3:30 pm daily 
Entrance ticket 400Bhats per person
This is around 4kms from marble temple. Again, we took cab and reached there in next 20mins..One of Thailand ’s most famous landmarks, the Grand Palace is a must-see.This huge compound was constructed to be a city within the city it occupies an area of about 1 square mile. Its foundations were laid down in 1782 by King Rama I, the first member of the Chakri dynasty. Later rulers added their own contributions to the complex, increasing its architectural diversity.The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, known to Thai people as Wat Phra Kaew, is situated within the Grand Palace compound. Important things to see in grand palace are Phra Sri Ratana Chedi, Mondop, Model of Angkor Wat,Prasat Phra Thepidon, Phra Atsada Maha Ched,Hor Phra Khanthan-rat,Hor Phra Ratcha, Karamanusorn,Hor Phra Ratcha Pongsanusorn,Hok Phra Na.  This takes about 2hrs to completely see all the structures in Grand palace. We then left to next destination...

Price and timings of grand palace

some structure in grand palace

A model of Angkor Wat

A royal palace


Dhosa Kiridhorn guardian figures at the entrance of a building
Royal Emerald buddha
Ubosot Chapel
Guardian figure
Guardian figure

Us with monks..

Us with Palace guards

Destination Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) 
Address: 2 Sanamchai Road (south of Grand Palace)  8:30 am – 6:00 pm daily
Entrance  100Bahts per person

I had noted, that its 5mins walk from grand palace, But, no one could understand us and give us directions to  reclining buddha temple.It was already 3;30pm, by then, we were hungry, and decided to eat something. I told ramesh there's no time to search for restaurants. We saw a market kinda thing, where  small food stalls and some shopping was there,  we decided to grab something there, took some spring rolls and some stuffed aloo thing and took a cab to Reclining buddha...Wat Pho is most famous for the golden reclining Buddha that measues 46 metres and has feet inlaid with mother-of pearl.Wat Pho Traditional Medicine and Massage: preparation of herbal medicines and diagnosis are taught here, as well as the traditional massage seen in the sculptures compiled on King Rama III’s orders. The teaching is practical, and every day large number of visitors, Thai and foreign come to study and to be massaged.

Entrance of  wat pho.
Guardians at entrance of temple

Us in front of Reclining buddha

Huge feets..

Curly hair of Buddha
Ramesh with one of guardian

Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha)

This was last wat on our itinerary, it was already 5;00pm, and we were not sure, if its still open, but we decided to give a try. We took a cab and rushed to Wat Traimit, but unfortunately it was closed. (One tip, ensure you start early and finish all wats before 4pm).we took some pictures at entrance of temple and headed back to hotel....

Entrance of  Golden temple
Poster of King and Queen of Thailand..

At entrance of Golden temple

Thailand king
Thailand queen

We took some snaps in front of closed temple and headed to hotel, to get ready and go to Siam Niramit show.. We called many taxi, but all of them failed to even recognize/locate the area/province of our hotel, we got fed up showing the  visiting card of hotel to many taxi drivers. We both were loosing our patience, as we were getting late for show. (But luckily we had not paid/bought ticket for show, plan was to go n buy directly).  Atlast we got one taxi, who was ready to take us, but was not sure of address though, we thought we can ask address on the way, and got in, he got us to the area/province of our hotel, but from there he was not sure about  hotel address,  localites failed to tell us address.. Ramesh was pissed to core, and started scolding that we should have gone in package tour by travels..

We decided to get out of the cab, as he was just rounding around the same place again and again, without clue of hotel. (Ramesh was holding my cell phone and missed it in cab in irritation). We roamed around asking anyone who walks by, showing visiting card of hotel, Finally we got hold of a cab driver, who seemed to know address, and thank god he dropped us back to hotel. We were late and Ramesh was in no mood to go for show.. We decided to call of the day..Ramesh just crashed on bed, and i went to relax a while in hot tub..

Tub attached in our hotel room

After me Ramesh went to use hot tub.. I suddenly   remembered about massage offered by hotel. I went to reception and checked about massage. They told they can arrange for 2 masseuse for both of us and told us, it will be done in our rooms itself. Wow we could enjoy massage lying next to each other i booked for it and came up.. And in next  20mins two ladies came by and we chose Traditional thai massage, next 2hrs was relaxing and soothing, body pain was totally gone, and we totally forgot the "we were lost and lost cell phone" mess in evening. Ramesh was all cool, after getting wonderful massage from beautiful thai Girl :)..

From net(we could not take pic, as both of us got massage @ same time in our hotel room

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