ARUPADAI VEEDU (Six Abodes of Murugan)

Arupadaiveedu are six temples dedicated to Lord Muruga, all of them are in Tamilnadu.

  1. ARUPADAI VEEDU 1: Thiruparankundram
  2. ARUPADAI VEEDU 2:  Palani
  3. ARUPADAI VEEDU 3: Tiruchendur
  4. ARUPADAI VEEDU 4: Swamimalai
  5. ARUPADAI VEEDU 5: Thiruttani
  6. ARUPADAI VEEDU 6: Palamudhirsolai

ARUPADAI VEEDU 1: Thiruparankundram (Madurai)

We reached  Thiruparankundram temple  around 5:30pm. This is a very big temple. As soon as we enter temple we saw colourful carvings of Horse and Mythical animals on each pillars at the entrance of the temple.

We  walked further and noticed Durga Idol. People were throwing Venne undai(Butter balls) on the Durga idol. When i asked person there they told its for good, however i did not get correct reason of why this is done.

.We walked further reaching a big mantapam, with various carvings and idol..Crossing that mantapam, we reached a huge door. Once you pass through the door you will find actual temple Mantapam. Lord Murgan is the main deity here..

Legend of this temple is, Lord Muruga at the end of Soorasamharam stayed here, along with his soldiers. As a gift for victory, Lord Indira married his daughter Deivanai to Muruga. To commemorate this event, Lord Muruga is worshipped as the presiding deity of this temple.Poet Nakkirar has composed a  poem about this Temple and is called Thirumurugatrupadai. Thiruparankundram is a rock-cut hill temple dedicated to the Lord Subramanya Swamy. It is referred as the "Southern Himalaya" in various classical Tamil texts, where the gods assemble. Some Legends mentioned Thiruparankundram as the place where the sun and moon abide.

ARUPADAI VEEDU 2: Tiruchendur (Tuticorn)

Yet to Visit. 


Yet to Visit. 

 ARUPADAI VEEDU 4: Swamimalai (Kumbakonam)

Swamimalai means Gods Mountain. It is fourth among the Padai Veedugal. The sacred story associated with this temple is that Lord Karthikeya expounds the meaning of pranavam (AUM) to His father, Lord Shiva, at this location. Hence, one can see the Lord Karthikeya depicted as Guru (teacher) and Lord Shiva listening as shishya (disciple)in the raja gopuram of the temple complex.

The reinitiation and reassertion of the knowledge takes place after an intense debate with regards to the pranava mantram (AUM) between Lord Brahma  and Lord Karthikeya, during which Lord Brahma fails to adequately convey the meaning of AUM. Hence, Lord Karthikeya suspends Lord Brahma from his duties by imprisoning him. Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakthi object and Lord Shiva asks Lord Karthikeya if He(Murugan) is aware of the meaning. In response Lord Murugan says that He is well aware of it and that He will teach Lord Shiva the meaning of the mantram if He(Lord Shiva) will take Him (Lord Murugan) as His Guru. 

Thus Murugan imparts this universal mantra to His father. The Murugan here is also known as Swaminathan and "Thagapan Swami" (literally "Father God" - referring to the fact that Murugan taught His father and hence was His father's Guru.)

ARUPADAI VEEDU 5: Thiruttani (Chennai)


Tiruttani is  85kms from chennai.. On one of our
visit to chennai, we decided to go Tiruttani.

We started home at  7;00am, and reached temple
by 9;30am. We had darshan in next 30mins....


Tiruttani is one of the Arupadai Veedu, six abodes of Lord Subramanya and is situated in Tiruvallur district. Tiruttani is the Fifth Padai Veedu of Lord Muruga. It is 84 km away from north west chennai . The temple is situated on a hillock. Three Hundred and Sixty five Steps lead to the shrine, each step representing a day of the year. Lord murugan fiercely fight with Surapadma at Tiruchendur, the anger of muruga wanted to reduce his anger. He reached Tiruttani Hill to reduce his anger, that is why Tiruttani is called as Thanigai malai. Tiruttani is also known by many other names. That is Purnagiri, Kshanikachalam, Mooladri, Neelotpala.

ARUPADAI VEEDU 6: Palamudhirsolai (Madurai)

We then went to Palamudhirsolai,one of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya which is on the same hill, down the Nuburagangai. There is a famous legend associated with the temple. It is said that Awaiyar, a famous Tamil poet and a Muruga devotee, came here, she became tired while travelling, and sat  under the shadow of a fruit tree and was very hungry and thirsty. At that time, a small boy who was sitting on the tree asked her whether she wants fruits to eat from the tree. She replied yes. Then, the boy asked Avvaiyar whether she wanted roasted fruits or unroasted fruits.Avvaiyar thought, "Is there any roasted fruit in the world?" then she asked him to give roasted fruits. The boy shook the tree and fruits fell under the tree. The fruits are stuck with the mud as soon as they fell down. To remove the mud, Avvaiyar took the fruits and blew on the fruit. It looked like as though  fruits were roasted and had become warm, and Avvaiyar had blown the fruits to cool them. The small boy asked Avvaiyar whether the fruits are warm that your blowing it to cool down.. Avvaiyar was amazed by the whole thing and thought "How did a small village cow boy played such an intelligent drama?A beautiful comparison between blowing the air on the fruit to remove the mud is like blowing air to reduce the heat as the fruit is roasted. Such a beautiful comparison would not have risen in her mind even though she had gained rich knowledge in Tamil." She asked the small boy, "Who are you?"Then the small boy disappeared and  Lord Muruga appeared. This incident is believed to have taken place in Palamudhirsolai..

Palamudhirsolai temple

Palamudhirsolai temple is middle of beautiful hills, surronded by green lush. It was drizzling, when we got down. We immediately entered the temple which inhouses a beautiful idol of Lord Subramanya...We had darshan and headed to next place...

Palamudhirsolai temple  amidst beautiful hills


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