Day 4: SAFARI WORLD (Bangkok)

Our plan for 4th day on Itinerary was Erawan museum and Ancient city.This was far away, and two destinations on single day, after yesterday's experience we decided to go to a single destination point and spend whole day.So i picked up Safari world  which  5th day's Itinerary..

We got ready early, and started as it was 40kms from our Hotel.. We checked with couple of people for address, finally a girl at Eleven/Seven told us we can take a sky train and go half the way from there take a bus to reach Safari world.

We decided to try this option, sky train station was literally 2 mins from Hotel we stayed. We bought the coins and entered the destination to obtain a pass to Mochit Station. saphan taskin  station - siam square station - mochit station..
This was our first sky train experience, we were amazed to see Iphones in almost everyone's hands. Next 20mins was cool drive in A/C skytrain.. Once we reached Mochit, we thought we will take taxi, as we dint want to get late. But bus stop was literally oppostite to station, and decided to give it a try, luckily we got bus in next 5mins, compared to pattaya, Bangkok has very good transport.. In other 40mins we reached  Fashion Island. (Mochit - Fashion Island) From Fashion island we took cab and reached Safari park by 10;15am.. Not bad we reached on time :)..

Safari world has two themes:

Safari Park
Marine Park

Price of  Safari world

Shows of Safari world.

We reached Safari world around 10;15am. The very first show was at 10;20am. We bought combined package of safari and marine park, and literally ran to Orang utan show.. The Safari park is huge  covers an area of some 170 acres..We had to literally run 10mins to reach Orangutan show. It was 10.25 when we reached and was 5mins late. We managed to find a seat, and settled down. It was crazily hot, i bought a hand fan. Orangutan is highly trained and it performs  Boxing show, and plays various music instruments.

Orangutan show

Orangutan show
Orangutan show

Dolphin show:
This was one of excellent shows.And not to miss.. Dolphins jumped and danced wonderfully and  did lot more things to entertain us..

Dolphin catches the rings and showing it off

Dolphin rolling on floor, as per girls instructions
Dolphin jumping to catch stuff threw by trainer

Many dolphins jumping at same time for music

Dolphins playing music.

Dolphin jumps and plays along with this boy

can you see a baby Seal waiting for food @ back of me.

Polar Bear:

Polar bears, enjoying swimming in ice cold water...They have set the area with ice covered by glass 4 sides to give natural environment for polar bear...

Ramesh in front of Polar bear

Polar bears, enjoying swimming in ice cold water...

Polar bears, enjoying swimming in ice cold water...

Elephant show:

This was one more amazing show. Elephants drew and painted in front of us, i was surprised to see amazing drawing by trained elephant, it also performed several other things, entertaining big time....

Elephants drawing in front of us

Can you believe this is drawn by elephant

Elephant balancing on such a small wire.
Multiple elephants performing a show.

Stunt show: 

This was amazing show, this was more of a drama with theme of terrorist attacks a girl, and her hero saves her,  the settings of fire and explosives were realistic.. It was mindblowing 15mins show...

Place where terrorist capture girl
Fire explosive
Explosive killing the hero.

Playing with birds:

This is a birds section, here you can buy bird food, and if you hold food in hands birds surround you, it was lovely time with birds. Had a great photo shoot  with birds :)

Once we were done with this things, we had lunch in a restaurant near by a artificial water pond, food was ok, not upto expectation..

Place were we had lunch..

Below are the few dolls/statues at entrance of  Safari world, while going we were late and hurried, took pics while coming back...

We then took Safari park coach, which takes us around the park completely,don't miss this, as here is where you get to see Lion/Tiger/Giraffe and many more animals, here animals are left freely, and we are taken in a covered bus,

Tiger getting its prey
Tigers walking freely in park.
Bear taking rest

Peacock has wonderfully opened its feathers.

wow so many Giraffe's..

We finished this Safari and took a taxi back to Fashion Island. We decided to do some shopping.. I took couple of tops for me and my sister-in-laws..In  Malls we cant do much bargain unlike other markets in Bangkok...

Platinum fashion mall

Mod dresses in mall
Colourful Capri..

Nice footwear for girls..
Tops i bought for me and my sister-in-laws.

After shopping, we ate  doughnuts and cake.. Then  took a bus back to Mochit station, and from Mochit station took sky train to Saphan Taksin BTS  station,(which is 2mins from our hotel) 


We were so impressed by the sky train, Ramesh got the sky train map and we decided to try going in sky train from tomorrow, as it is fast and cheap n comfy. We returned to hotel n saw a Agent sitting in hotel offering local tour packages, we saw the offers, and booked for Siam niramit show for next day. And asked her for shopping options, she gave address of market called Lalai sap market. We decied to check out tommorrow..

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