DAY 1 :  Mattupetty direction

Cheeyappara waterfall

The water comes down from a height of 1000 feet.  I got into water and started playing, Ramesh was hesitant saying he doesn’t want his jeans get wet.  And started taking my picture, while taking picture he slipped and fell in water fall, got completely drenched, even camera was completely drenched.. I was very upset, as we wont have camera for entire trip...We removed camera parts n kept in sun for 15mins, to our surprise, camera started working. Ramesh said, 'thank god, otherwise you would have made me by new camera'... We spent some more time in falls and left to next place...

water fall

Near Falls

Ramesh completely drenched in water

Crystal water at base of falls

 Tata Tea Estate

Our vehicle driver told that today tea is cultivated on 25,000 hectares of land in Munnar with an annual yield of 50,000 metric tonnes.And everywhere you turn you find tea plantations..Its amazing lush of greenary. But again if you have already seen Ooty and Madikeri, you would not feel that 'WoW'. But still this green lap gives pleasant feeling.. We took some snaps and left to our next destination..

Tata tea estates

Dont forget to buy fresh carrots

Elephant Safari

Driver next took us to Elephant safari, we paid for Safari and waited for our ride.. I thought Mahout will come along with us. But he told he will walk along with Elephant and guide.. I was little scared, as this was my first  time Elephant ride, and top to it, it wasn't  even road, but it was uneven jungle path.. I told Ramesh to sit front as i was scared, Elephant entered the small forest area, i was very scared that i would fall when elephant walks in small path ways, but it was walking comfortably in those small path ways. We gave our camera to mahout to take pics....After  5mins i was ok, and enjoyed  Watching the beauty of the jungle sitting on the elephant....Finally we gave fruit basket to elephant  and left to next place....

Haathi ki sawaari

All set to go for ride

Middle of forest

Pose with elephant

Blessings from elephant

Elephants ornaments

Devikulam lake

Devikulam is a small hill station about 16 km from Munnar in Idduki District.The literal meaning of 'Devikulam' is 'the lake or pond of Devi'. The lake is known as Sita Devi lake. The legend goes that the goddess Sita Devi took bath in the waters of the lake and hence the lake got its name.It is believed that the waters posses curative powers. Many tourists come here for taking a bath in the sacred lake. We just sprinkled water,and walked along the lake, Horse riding is available here. Horse dint look all that clean, so we decided to skip it...


Horse riding

Near by forest area

Mattupetty dam

This dam has been built to conserve water for hydroelectricity. This is the vital source of power to Munnar.  We have seen many dams, but this dam is amazing, with high power of water flow from dam...There are many small shops and street vendors around the bridge dont forget to try munnar carrot. Its very tasty...We walked along the bridge, it was evening, and flow of water from dam was making it more chill..It was a pleasant climate for evening walk...We then returned to room. And ordered for food. We asked them to get  it to room, dint feel like walking till restaurant, also  rooms are  apart and was very dark...

See the rush of the water

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