Day/Month of Celebration: 

Sept 3rd week(Check your local calender)

God Worshipped  on this Occassion:
Gauri (Parvathi, Shiva's Consort)  
Ganesha (son of Lord Shiva and Parvati)

Special Food Prepared: 
Different sweets...

Practise on this Day:

@ Home :  People  bring Ganesha idol made of Clay on ganesha festival, and  decorate  Lord ganesha and  offer fruits and special foods...

@ Roads:  People in South India and North India has practice of collecting  money from  everyone and  bring huge Clay idol of lord Ganesha and  decorate and  offer poojas daily and  some people also arrange orchestra or dance programmes and on  final day, ganesha is  taken for procession and immersed  in ponds/lakes....



At my parents place we dint have the practice to keep  Ganesha/Gauri Idol.We used to just go to temple and do regular pooja at home..But  My  in-laws has practice of keeping Ganesha, so i started this ritual......

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular  Hindu Festivals.. This is the birthday of Lord Ganesha.

It is believed that worshiping Lord Ganesha during the festival will bring Good luck and Prosperity to the family.

Story associated with Ganesha Chaturthi: Favourite part

 (Story of Birth of  Lord Ganesha) As per Legend , Once Devi  Parvathi,  wanted to take a bath, there were no attendants around to guard her.. So she decided to make an Idol out out  of  dirt/sweat collected from her body, and with her divine powers  Parvathi gave  Life to that Idol, and   gave him a task of  guarding and warned him to not let anyone inside.. After some time, lord shiva came to Parvathi's palace and  saw this little boy. Shiva asked the boy to let him in.. But  Little boy stopped him saying mother has told, not allow anybody.. Though Shiva told he is  Parvathi's husband,  little boy refused to let him in. Lord shiva got angry and cut off the head of this new boy and threw it  away using his trident. At this time, Goddess Parvathi came back and became very sad, that the boy created by her was killed. Lord Shiva wanted to console Parvathi. So he sent his army to bring the first head that that they  see on their way. The first head that they saw was the head of  elephant. Shiva fixed that head on the boy’s  trunk and brought him back to life. He also accepted him as his elder son and made him chief of his army.

108 names of  Gowri

Om Murari priyardhamgyai namah
Om Putra poutra varapradayai namah
Om Punyayai namah
Om Krupa prurnayai namah
Om Kalyanyai namah
Om Anchit yayai namah
Om Tripurayai namah
Om Trigunam bikayai namah
Om Purushardha pradayai namah
Om Satya dharma ratayai namah
Om Sarva sakshinyai namah
Om Shashamka rupinyai namah
Om Sarasvatyai namah
Om Virajayai namah
Om Svahayai namah
Om Svadhayai namah
Om Pratyamgi rambikayai namah
Om Aaryayai namah
Om Dakshaenyai namah
Om Deekshayai namah
Om Sarvottamotta mayai namah
Om Shivabhinama deyayai namah
Om Sreevidyayai namah
Om Pranavardha svarupinyai namah
Om Hrinkaryai namah
Om Naada rupayai namah
Om Sundaryai namah
Om Shodashakshara devatayai namah
Om Mahagouryai namah
Om Shyamalayai namah
Om Chandyai namah
Om Bhaga malinyai namah
Om Bhagalayai namah
Om Matrukayai namah
Om Shulinyai namah
Om Amalayai namah
Om Annapurnayai namah
Om Akhilagama samstut yayai namah
Om Ambayai namah
Om Bhanukoti sandyatayai namah
Om Parayai namah
Om Seetamshu kruta shekha rayai namah
Om Sarvakala sumangalyai namah
Om Soma shekharyai namah
Om Amara samsev yayai namah
Om Amrutai shvaryai namah
Om Sukha sachi chudara sayai namah
Om Balyaradita bhutidayai namah
Om Hiranyayai namah
Om Sukshmayai namah
Om Haridra kumkuma radhyayai namah
Om Sarvabhoga pradayai namah
Om Markandeya varapradayai namah
Om Sree nityagouree devatayai namah

108 names of  Lord Ganesha

Om Vinaayakaaya Namaha
Om Vighnaraajaaya Namaha
Om Gowriputhraaya Namaha
Om Ganeswaraaya Namaha
Om Skanthaagrajaaya Namaha
Om Avyayaaya Namaha
Om Budhaaya Namaha
Om Dhakshaaya Namaha
Om Adhyakshaaya Namaha
Om Dwijapriyaaya Namaha 10
Om Agnigarbhachithe Namaha
Om Indrashriipradaaya Namaha
Om Vaaniipradaaya Namaha
Om Avyayaaya Namaha
Om Sarvasidhipradaaya Namaha
Om Sarvathanayaaya Namaha
Om Sharvariipriyaaya Namaha
Om Sarvaathmakaaya Namaha
Om Srushtikarthre Namaha
Om Devaaya Namaha 20
Om Anekaarchithaaya Namaha
Om Shivaaya Namaha
Om Sudhaaya Namaha
Om Budhipriyaaya Namaha
Om Shaanthaaya Namaha
Om Brahmachaarine Namaha
Om Gajaananaaya Namaha
Om Dwaimaathreyaaya Namaha
Om Munisthuthyaaya Namaha
Om Bhakthavighna vinaasa naaya Namaha 30
Om Ekadanthaaya Namaha
Om Chathurbaahave Namaha
Om Chathuraaya Namaha
Om Shakthisamyuthaaya Namaha
Om Lambodaraaya Namaha
Om Shoorpakarnaaya Namaha
Om Haraye Namaha
Om Brahmaviduthamaaya Namaha
Om Kaalaaya Namaha
Om Grahapathaye Namaha 40
Om Kaamine Namaha
Om Somasooryaagni lochanaaya Namaha
Om Paasaangusadharaaya Namaha
Om Chandaaya Namaha
Om Gunaatheethaaya Namaha
Om Niranjanaaya Namaha
Om Akanmashaaya Namaha
Om Swayamsthaaya Namaha
Om Sidhaarthitha padaam bujaaya Namaha
Om Beejapoorabalaasakthaaya Namaha 50
Om Varadaaya Namaha
Om Saasvathaaya Namaha
Om Kruthine Namaha
Om Dwijapriyaaya Namaha
OmVeethabhayaaya Namaha
Om Gathine Namaha
Om Shakrine Namaha
Om Ikshuchaapadhruthe Namaha
Om Shreedaaya Namaha
Om Ajaaya Namaha 60
Om Ulpalakaraaya Namaha
Om Sreepathaye Namaha
Om Sthuthiharshithaaya Namaha
Om Kulaadribhedre Namaha
Om Jatilaaya Namaha
Om Kalikanmashanaasanaaya Namaha
Om Chandrakootamanaye Namaha
Om Kaanthaaya Namaha
Om Paapahaarine Namaha
Om Samaahithaaya Namaha 70
Om Aasrithaaya Namaha
Om Sreekaraaya Namaha
Om Sowmyaaya Namaha
Om Bhakthavaanchitha daayakaaya Namaha
Om Shaanthaaya Namaha
Om Kaivalyasukhadaaya Namaha
Om Sachidaananthavigrahaaya Namaha
Om Jnaanine Namaha
Om Dayaayuthaaya Namaha
Om Danthaaya Namaha 80
Om Brahmadveshivivarjithaaya Namaha
Om Pramattadaithya bhayadaaya Namaha
Om Sreekandaaya Namaha
OmVibudheswaraaya Namaha
Om Raamaarchithaaya Namaha
Om Vidhaye Namaha
Om Nagarajayajnopaveethaye Namaha
Om Sthoolakandaaya Namaha
Om Swayamkarthre Namaha
Om Naamaghoshapriyaaya Namaha 90
Om Parasmai Namaha
Om Sthoolathundaaya Namaha
Om Agranye Namaha
Om Dheeraaya Namaha
Om Vaageesaaya Namaha
Om Sidhidaayakaaya Namaha
Om Doorvaabilvapriyaaya Namaha
Om Avyakthamoorthaye Namaha
Om Adbhuthamoorthaye Namaha
Om Sailendrathanujothsanga
Om Ghelanothsukamaanasaaya Namaha 100
Om Swaalaavanya sudhaa saarajithamanmadha vigrahaaya Namaha
Om samasthajagadaadhaaraaya Namaha
Om Maayine Namaha
Om Mooshikavaahanaaya Namaha
Om Vrushtaaya Namaha
Om Thushtaaya Namaha
Om Prasannaathmane Namaha
Om Sarvasidhipradaayakaaya Namaha 108

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