As per Legend , Once Devi  Parvathi,  wanted to take a bath, there were no attendants around to guard her.. So she decided to make an Idol out out  of  dirt/sweat collected from her body, and with her divine powers  Parvathi gave  Life to that Idol, and   gave him a task of  guarding and warned him to not let anyone inside..

 After some time, lord shiva came to Parvathi's palace and  saw this little boy. Shiva asked the boy to let him in.. But  Little boy stopped him saying mother has told, not allow anybody.. Though Shiva told he is  Parvathi's husband,  little boy refused to let him in. Lord shiva got angry and cut off the head of this new boy and threw it  away using his trident.

 At this time, Goddess Parvathi came back and became very sad, that the boy created by her was killed. Lord Shiva wanted to console Parvathi. So he sent his army to bring the first head that that they  see on their way. The first head that they saw was the head of  elephant. Shiva fixed that head on the boy’s  trunk and brought him back to life. He also accepted him as his elder son and made him chief of his army.

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