Day 2: Dest 2: ALCAZAR SHOW (Pattaya)


78/14 Pattaya 2nd Rd,
North Pattaya, Naklua, 
Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 
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Whole evening nothing went smoothly, but finally we enjoyed the show, Read on to know what all we had to go through:)..

We relaxed couple of hours in swimming pool, Show was at 8pm. we had planned to start @ 6;30pm and totally forgot timing enjoying in pool and got Late :)...We then took shower and rushed  at 7pm..

Enjoyed ourselves in this pool, and got late :)

We walked to main road, and got tuk-tuk after waiting for 10mins, tuk-tuk left us 1km away from Alcazar show, saying hes taking right turn for different route..We waited for other tuk-tuk nothing turned up, we dint even get cab, then we started walking, as we dint want to miss show.(We had already got tickets online)

We some how managed to reach the Show at 7;50pm.. Moment we reached, power went off There were so many people rushing towards the gate, I  missed Ramesh in that rush, i was so scared, OMG i was lost in other country, where they dont even understand English!! Phew that was longest 5mins, i was about to cry, by then Ramesh found me. I was never that happy to see Ramesh:)...

Entrance of Alcazar show, (Before power went off :)

Then came one more patience test game,  We were then struggling to explain them, that our tickets are booked through a agent. (Unfortunately agent did give us any Receipt, and told us to just say the Agents name and we will be let in, they dint understand a word we said, nor recognised our agent).. Finally there manager came, and recognised the agents visiting cards. It was already 8;15. Show starts @ 8;00pm. We rushed immediately inside theater, luckily, since power had gone, show was delayed 15mins late...  We finally settled in our seats to enjoy 1.5hrs show...


Alcazar Cabaret's theatre features 1,200 seats and a  team of  male and ladyboy artists who give dazzling and fantastic performances including impersonation, comedy and other delighting performance..Not only the unique performance that will entertain, but well designed backdrops, lighting, sound and embellishing outfits.

Jazz music...

This is single person, wearing pant on one side and frock on one side, 

Japanese dance..

American style

Cambodia traditional style

Everyone at the end...

 Next 90mins, it was a treat to eyes, and a  mesmerising experience. Ladyboys wonderfully performed to different dance items of different countries, with that countries traditional attire,  including Thailand,Japan,U.S,India,cambodia,Russia and many more countries... It is wonderful show with Amazing lighting, and mind blowing costumes . The costumes are grand and the sets are breath taking.

Collage of different performance.

After the show, Ladyboys who performed show waits 15mins outside the theatre interested people can take picture with them,they charge 100bhats,i took a picture with them 

with one of the perfomer.

We then had dinner at near by restaurant and went back to hotel.. Took a tuk-tuk returned back to Hotel, Went to bed early,as we had  to travel  to Bangkok next day morning..

Had dinner in a near by Restaurant.

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