DAY 5 - Dest 2 : SIAM NIRAMIT SHOW (Bangkok)

Niramit Co. Ltd., 19,
Tiamruammit Road, 
Bangkok 10320, 

We got late shopping in Lalai sap market, and reached room by 5;00pm, Immediately freshened up and rushed to sky train station..Today we took Day pass, as we decided to use sky train everywhere.. It costs 120Bahts per person.

We took skytrain from Sala Daeng to Siam station, and  from Siam station to Asok skytrain.. We then walked to sukhamwit MRT station, From sukhamwit station  it's the 3rd stop ie, Thailand cultural centre....

MRT Map we used

Siam Niramit show has organised bus for every 15mins from 6pm to 8pm From Thailand cultural centre to Siam Niramit show...

We reached  Thailand cultural centre at 7;15pm.  But bus had just left, Next bus was at 7;30pm, so we went to  Eleven/Seven and bought some eatables and came back to stop.. We reached Siam niramit show at 7;45.  Ensure you reach  here atleast by 6;30pm, because there is lot of entertainment available, buffet dinner, and Thai model village, artificial river and boating, and  Performers will take pics with you.... We had missed all this, but was luckily on time for show...

Entrance of siam niramit show
They started letting people in around 7;45. Many girls in traditional thai dresses, were welcoming visitors. They guided us politely to the ticket center. We bought tickets, it is 2400 Bahts for two of us. Camera is not allowed,we deposited the camera in safe and went in.

Thai girls, welcoming visitors

Toy display opposite to ticket counter

It is a grand theatre, which can have 2000 viewers at a time, 60% of seats were filled.. The show  consists of three parts. The first part showed historical scenes of different parts of Siam (Thailand’s old name)

Show representing hut and villagers

Show representing vendors coming from other country in Ship..

The second act showed heaven and hell. This part was amazing, performers are let down in thin invisible rope, they look like they are flying in the sky. Amazing costumes, i loved this part....

let down in thin invisible rope, they look like they are flying in the sky

After the show ended, we came out of the hall and took a walk in the model village.Most of them had closed down,we  took pics of couple of things only..

Traditional thai people

Model village house
With one of the perfomers..

It was already 9;30pm.. We then took some pictures at entrance of Siam niramit show, and took bus that drops us back to  Thailand cultural centre station. From there we came back to silom. 


 And from silom square station, took train to  Sala Daeng, once and reached Station near to our hotel. It was already 11pm. We had dinner and by then it was 11;30pm. We then walked back to our hotel....

This was 11;30pm, and we could see many women around

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