The Erawan Museum (Correct as at May 2010)
99/9 M.1 Muang Samut Prakan, Samut Prakan Province 10270
The nearest Skytrain station is Bearing.

3 headed elephant - Erawan museum

 Erawan is also known as Airavata, the king-god of elephants,used by God Indra.
Erawan Museum  is a museum in Samut Prakan Province of Bangkok. It is well known for its giant three-headed Elephant art display. The three storeys inside the elephant contain antiquities and priceless collections of ancient religious objects belonging to Khun  Lek Viriyapant ho is the museum owner.

Entrance of Erawan museum.

Museum is 43-metre tall sculpture. The elephant's massive body, made of pure bronze..The museum's three separate floors symbolise the universe and are designed in accordance with the three-tiered cosmology of the Hindu-Thai Buddhist concept of Tribhumi...

 Erawan museum has 3 floors, The underworld, The earth, and The heaven.

The earth:

As soon as we enter the middle floor we can see  a beautifull porcelain decorated stairway. The upper part of the floor represents Mount Meru, the center of the universe in Hindu mythology. The magnificent stained glass ceiling with bright yellow, blue and orange colors is very impressive and shows the world, the stars and zodiac symbols.

Stair case leading to mount meru set up.

Mount Meru, the center of the universe in mythology.
Mount Meru, the center of the universe in  mythology.

Apart from decorated Stair case, we can find beautiful carvings on pillars. Carvings are of  Hindu and buddhist god...

Mahabharat - Arjuna and krishna on chariot

Some buddhism related carving..

Buddhist related ???

Lord Brahma from Vishnu's Navel..
Lord Brahma...

Stair case are wonderfully decorated with ceramics, and it was a treat to eyes..

Fish and other stuff

Amazing lion face..
Below stair case..

wonderful stair case and pillars.

The heaven :
The top floor of the Erawan museum represents the Travatimsa Heaven, which is located on top of Mount Meru in Buddhist cosmology. A winding staircase in one of the elephants legs will take you upstairs to this floor. The top floor houses relics of the Buddha and some very old Buddha statues from several eras

Beautiful paintings of Hindu mythology while climbing stairs

Golden Buddha

 The Underworld Or Naga world:
This was closed due to renovation. We then came outside and went inside the
beautiful park. Park contains a small pond and  mythological statues..

Ganesha at entrance of Park

mythological statues in park
mythological statues in small pond

It was around 3;00pm and we decide to head back, I was very hungry, so we decided to eat something in attached restaurant in Erawan museum..Here you need to pick some microwaveable food from the freezer, they will just microwave and give you.. We ate the food and headed to shopping near by hotel we stayed..

Lalai sap Market (Silom)

We took a Taxi till Bearing, from there we reached Sala Daeng station. (3 stops before Saphan Taksin BTS  station, 2mins to our hotel). Today i ensured i was there by 3;30pm.. And bought some more dresses...

Entrance of Lalai sap market
Display of beautiful tops for girls.

After shopping, we went back to room.Next day was our wedding Anniversary we wanted to book for cake, it was still 5;30pm. We decided to play in pool for a while then late evening go and check for a cake...

Relaxed couple of hours in pool..

Around 7;00pm we went out for some shopping and dinner.I wanted to buy some beads, we went out and found a beads shop. I was amazed to see beads in so many colours, and bought around 15 different colours of beads. Beads cost 50bahts.

Readymade chains

Me selecting some beads

OMG so many colours

Amazed to see so many colours.

 We had  dinner and went to a Bakery to order some cake.. We had tuff time, to explain them that we want customized wordings on cake.Then we gave up.And ordered a regular cake and told we will collect tomorrow..

And came back to hotel, and booked for Ayutthaya Cruise trip from travel agent sitting in the hotel. We were supposed to start early morning,so went to bed early

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