DAY 7 - AYUTTHAYA - Our 3rd Wedding annniversary.

Today was our 3rd anniversary,  And this Ayutthaya cruise trip was perfect for the occasion. Previous day itself we had arranged for  Cake, and had booked for Ayutthaya one day trip from travel agent in hotel.It costed 1750bahts for person.

Pick up was at 6;15am. We got call from reception that  travel bus is waiting for us. After our pick up, bus went to couple of hotels and picked up more people. Around 7;00am bus started to  Ayutthaya. There was a English speaking guide.

Ayutthaya is named after the city of Ayodhya in  India, the birthplace of Rama in the  Ramayana (Thai Ramakien).The Ayutthaya historical park is the ruins of the former capital of the Kingdom of Siam by Burmese invaders.. Ayutthaya park is listed in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES..

Destination 1: Bang pa Palace:

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace , also known as the summer palace formerly used by the Thai kings. Palace is located on the Chao phraya river bank in Bang Pa In district of Ayutthaya Province...

Palace is spread in huge area with beautiful parks, encircling the waterways.Palace houses amazing  European statues and monuments . 

Stroll in battery car in Royal palace.

Guide gave some instructions and told we can either use Battery car (2 couples can share a battery car) or walk . He gave us two hours to come back.. Place looked huge covering several acres, it was definitely not feasible to walk and cover everything in 2hrs. We decided not to share the battery car so we can stop on our choice of points...This 2hrs was amazing stroll in a battery car in luxurious palace of Thai royals..

All set to drive in beautiful palace.

Aisawanthipphaya-At Pavilion
First thing we came across was a  pavilion that is designed in the Thai architecture, placed right in the middle of the pond. I told Ramesh, those royal King/Queen are really lucky to have lived in this palace :)...

Aisawanthipphaya-At Pavilion in middle of pond
Close shot of Aisawanthipphaya-At Pavilion

Withun Thasana Hall.
This was constructed in the form of a tower. It is a three-storey building having a spirit staircase leading to the top floor hall.

Wow all buildings/towers is in middle of pond

I dont remember what building this is..

Destination 2: Ruins (Wat Mahatad)

Ayutthaya ruins covers the ruins of the old city of Ayutthaya. The city of Ayutthaya was captial of country until its destruction by Burmese Army in 1767. In 1991, a part of Ayutthaya Historical Park was declared a Unesco Heritage site as an excellent witness to the period of development of a true national Thai art. 


It was very very hot, as roamed in the ruins, we were given a hours time, we roamed around clicked few pics and were back..

Ruins included huge Buddha idol and Buddha in the banyan tree sculpture.



Destination3: Wihan Phramongkhon Bophit

Phra Mongkhon Bophit is one of the biggest bronze Buddha images in Thailand.In 1767, Burmese invaders destroyed much of the Wihan and the image head and right arm were broken. In 1956, the image was repaired and the Wihan was rebuilt.


This temple was quite big, and had few elephants, we saw a baby elephant it was very playful..After this we had a cruise to reach Bangkok.




Destination4: Grand Pearl Cruise 

After this we boarded a cruise to Bangkok.. It was journey with a  a wonderful view of Wats and other buildings.. Lunch and Tea was served in the cruise.. We spent next 2hours enjoying the cool breeze crossing Chaopraya river..




We reached room, freshened up.. Then collected the Cake which we had ordered previous day, and went to hotel's Restaurants.. Luckily there was no other guests in restaurant.. We did the cake cutting and had our dinner... Our 3rd anniversary came to an end with this... 



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