Muang Boran (Ancient city)
296/1 Sukhumvit Road
Bangpoo, Samut Prakan 10280
Thailand Timings: 9am – 5pm

This was our last day in Bangkok,Thailand. Today we opted Ancient city, which is around 30kms from our hotel. As usual we took sky train from Saphan Taskin station (2mins to this station from hotel we stayed) to Bearing station. From there we took taxi to Ancient city. Localites doesnt know if you tell ancient city, so better tell them Muang Boran...

Entrance of Ancient siam/City OR Muang Boran

It was already 10;30am by time we reached Ancient city. We dint know about Battery operated car, and thought tram would stop in all places. But later learnt that tram operates only in fixed hours, and covers only few places. So we decided to use battery car..

Time table of Tram.

Multi seater tram, but we opted 2 seater for our ride

There are 4 options to go around Ancient city.

1. Drive in your own car/Rented car.

2. Use Ancient cities tram (but this covers only main places)

3. Use Ancient cities bicycle (not feasible in that hot sun).

4. Rent Battery car, and drive around yourself

Since this was last day, we dint exchange much Bahts, and ensured we have bahts for skytrain/Cab/Food and Entrance fees to Ancient city...I wanted to use Battery car and see more land marks which is not covered in tram. Ramesh immediately took taxi to nearest Atm to exchange dollars, but this took 30mins. Next tram was at 1;00pm. So we decided to take battery car for 2hrs and cover as much as possible and return back to tram for 1;00pm ride...

Thailand Bahts..

We rented a two seater battery car and went around, its a wide area and very easy to get lost, better to have  a map and  110 Destinations List..

Its impossible to cover all this, unless you have 1 full day

We just went in battery car and saw this land marks. There were simply so many things to see,  I just dont remember there names. So here's a photo of what all we see....

This is starting point of 110 land marks

Here is  Idol's of Buddha in different postures, Standing,Sitting,Lying down...


Here are some more  idols, depiciting various  stories from Indian and Buddhist Mythology..


By then it was  12;30pm, we  left the Battery car ( You can leave battery car in car stands, there are multiple stands in every 2kms..) We then went to  Floating market, Ram nam restaurant, this is where next Tram picks people to  Round around Ancient siam.. Floating market is the place where you have many restaurants, better to finish lunch here..

Floating market, where you can buy food and fruits


We had lunch in floating market and went to ram nam restaurant  for Tram...Tram stopped only in main places, below are the places we saw in the tram stops. We first stopped by Village side market..

Village side market

Wood is very good here, i bought some spatula's

We then stopped by different Model, palace of Thailand...Some palace are allowed, while some palace are private and not let to visitors...

Here are some model furnitures used by Thai royals..



Here are some more palace and royal buildings..



It was 3;30 by time we finished tram round and reached the entrance, we decided to go back to hotel. As we had flight to Bangalore in night...We took  Taxi till bearing station, and  From bearing took sky train to Saphan taskin station.. We reached room by 4;45pm...We had already  vacated room in morning, and kept our luggage in Reception..

Receptionist, offered we can use restroom near  Swimming pool, freshen up and then head to Airport. So nice of them, we immediately grabbed new dress from luggage, headed to pool.We decided to spend an hour in pool as we had lots of time for flight.. We spent an hour in pool, and took shower and around 6;00pm we were ready to say Good bye to Thailand..

Ramesh in pool, i took this snap and joined him:)

We took cab to reach Suvarnabhumi airport.. We finished check-in formalities and we had lots of time.. We went around airport and took this pictures..

All set to come back to Sweet home..

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  1. hi let me introduce my self, iam riyaz,i have been to thailand 4 times,but i have not visited the places which u have shown & iam very impressed the way u have given the information,i had been only with my friends,this time i will make shore to take my wife because after seeing you both iam feeling j.just joking.thanks have a great day god bless u both.

    1. Great.. Then your wife would thank me, that blog motivated you to take her Thailand.

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