Ramya was born in a conservative family, She was only daughter.... Her mom was a house wife, and dad was a business men. Ramya was very beautiful, 5.5 feet tall,broad shoulders, dark curly hair, slim .Ramya's mom wanted her to get a degree and work, while her dad wanted to get Ramya married immediately after 10th...

With this confusions about marriage, Ramya cleared 10th with Distinction and joined puc taking pcmb.. She cleared PUC with good marks and was not sure to continue further, with on and off marriage proposals. Ramya once told her parents that she is ready for marriage, provided Guy is good looking, Tall, handsome, educated, and good job and family background..

But was it very easy to get all her expectations in a single boy ??? She rejected the proposals back to back.. She decided to join BSc and started going college, Ramya's mom who wanted her to get a degree, suppressed all marriage offers without knowledge of Ramya and her dad. So Ramya enjoyed her college without disturbance about marriage offers...

Ramya used to dress well, which would make her look more beautiful, she started getting love proposals from many boys, her neighbours, college mates and even her bus mates. Some would have courage to ask her directly, some would just follow her for days and weeks...
None of them impressed her....But Ramya secretly enjoyed  guys proposing her and She feels proud about her beauty...And  blushes when her friends tease that many guys fall for her.....So dint Ramya accept any love proposals at all ???  --- 

(To be continued)

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