PART 4

Ramya is totally restless, when she dint see him saturday too... Neither near college, nor near home. She is totally missing him, and fact that, she cant see him till monday, is making her more worried.. She is sure she cant see him sunday as there is no college, and her Father gives bath to dog, and  walks it sundays.. She was just waiting for monday evening...

As usual Ramya gets ready and walks to Smitha place,
(Ramya walks to smitha place morning, and they both walk to college) there in end of road to her house, she finds Arun!!!!

She was happy and angry at same time..Arun says hi, but Ramya keeps walking.. She is scared to talk near to her place, she just whispers, meet me near Dwaraka hotel in 15mins. 

She takes auto and rushes to smitha house and tells her, she wont b coming college, and she is going to her cousin place. Smitha asks why is she carrying books to her cousin place.. Ramya manages to lie, she just have to give something and will come back for 2nd period's classes.. And takes same auto to Dwaraka hotel..

There he was, already waiting for her..

Arun: Get in, we will have a cup of coffee and talk..

Ramya: (Is scared to go hotel, but feels its better instead of standing in the road and follows him)

Arun : Why are you so silent, what happened..

Ramya: Nothing i hate people who dont keep up words..

Arun: What ........... ???? Ohh you are talking about not coming on friday right ??? I am sorry, my BIL, i.e my mama met with a small accident (He hides that his BIL is drunkard, and he had  hit a car while he was drunk n driving on thursday)

Ramya: (Feels better that he had genuine reason for not coming) Ohh i am sorry...

Arun: Its ok, i missed you so much in 3days.. I couldnt stop thinking about you, I Love u..

Ramya: (She wanted to say, i cant love you and marry you. But May be in 3days, she had realised how much she missed him, and how attracted she was to him..)And ended up saying i  missed you too.Even i Love you..

They had Dosa and coffee, and spoke a lot, about there future life. Ramya was very happy, and was in a dream world...

Future Life ??? Ramya is tooo young to know what is future life..She is 17yrs... Well,all she can think of now is, how handsome he is, how sweet he talks to her. How much he appreciates her beauty..


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