Today was Friday!!!!.. Ramya wore her new Selwar, and dressed at her best.. And was just waiting when will it be 4;00pm, when will she get to see Arun.. She remembers him saying she is beautiful , and smiles during the classes, that is when Ranjitha caught her laughing during classes.

Also She was worried about how to avoid friends, when its 4;00pm, they all walk together to bus stand, and smitha joins her till her house.(Smitha house is next road to Ramya's)

With all this mixed feelings, confused, worried and happy and shy, Ramya realises its 4;00pm..She decides moment she comes out near college gate, she will say ' I have to go my cousins place and walk in opposite direction' and get rid of her friends..

She is continuously seeing her watch and realised Arun is no where near college. Ramya is really disappointed, and reaches home and goes to bed saying headache. Ramya is now hoping, she gets to see him evening.. And tries to get some rest, she could just not lye down, and tries to watch t.v nothing seems to be interesting.. She is getting restless...

Its 6;00pm, Ramya gets dressed, and almost runs taking her dog.. She dint find him anywhere.. She is totally confused and worried now..

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