It was 5;00pm and the phone rang. Ramya runs to receive the call, it was already 3rd day without Arun's call, she hoped it was his call...

And it was Arun... Ramya sees her mom is in kitchen, but she can definitely hear Ramya..

Ramya: Hey, why dint you call me or come to college from two days, you missed important classes..

Arun : What classes ??????

Ramya : yeah mom is here only, she is fine..Thanks for asking..

Arun: Ohh ok... your mom is around.. Well i told you na, my bil was in hospital..

Ramya : yeah how is your mama now ??

Arun: yeah he is discharged, and has come home..

Ramya : So you can come to college tommorrow ??

Arun: yes, thats y i called you, will meet you tommorrow at 1;00pm..

Ramya : We have practicals from 2;00pm to 4;00pm, dont forget to bring practical record book..

Arun: Ok....Got it.... you got classes. But Skip your practicals, i need to talk to you.....I missed you a lot.....

Ramya : (Even Ramya wanted to talk to him, and ask about Shruti telling about his marriage).. Ok sure.. We can have lunch at 1;00pm and then attend practicals..

Arun : ok bye...

Ramya feels little relieved now.... She just cant wait till tommorrow.. Also she is worried, about Shruti's news.. But his words ' I missed you' assured, he still loves her..


Ramya came out of college at 1;00pm, and saw Arun already waiting for her...She was very happy.. Arun took her to near by hotel..

Arun: I missed you so much.. How are you ?? 

(And holds her hand)

Ramya : (Ramya was thrilled by his first touch...)But she was more keen in clarifying shruti's news..
I missed you tooo... But i am worried about 1 thing.......

Arun: What is it ?? Tell me its ok..

Ramya : I met shruti.......She told you are getting married to Shilpa.

Arun : Ohhh....... No i am not marrying her.... She is still 10th std, small kid..

Ramya : Then why did Shruti tell that you would marry her...

Arun : She would have heard someone making fun that Shilpa would marry me, thats all..Its not true.. I love you, and only you....

Ramya : ohh.. Thank god, i was very scared.. You know what happened .............(And tells smitha's story) We should not elope like her, and your parents should ask my parents for marriage..

Arun: hmmm.. We will see about that.. (And kisses on her hands.) I missed you so much, you are so beautiful..

Ramya : (She was shocked by sudden kiss, and took her hands back...) What is this, everybody is seeing, we are in a hotel.

Arun : So is it ok, if no one is there...

Ramya :( Ramya Was shy and blushing)... No... not ok..... Why dont you stay permanently in your parents place, so we can meet daily....

Arun: No... I cant stay here. My Bil's health is not good.. I need to take care of his Business and my sister will be alone there.

Ramya : ... asks herself, there is Bil with Sis, and also shilpa stays with them , then how come she is alone, but dint want to ask him)

Arun: Seeing her silent.. Dont worry i promise to call you, and meet you  at least twice a week....

Ramya : Alright i need to go back to my practical classes, give me your number, So i can call you...

Arun: (Gives her his BIL'S office number...) You can call me between 10;00am to 7;00pm.

Ramya is very happy now, that he is not marrying Shilpa. And he loves her only.. She went to sleep with memories about Arun kissing her hand...

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