Next day Evening, Ramya took dog for a walk, today Ramya had dressed well, and saw Arun playing cricket.. Arun Waived to Ramya, but she didn't respond...

She just turned other side, but today she dint walk away.. She was not sure, why she dressed well, and why she is not taking dog in different road, or why she is even waiting in same place when he waived her.. All she knew was, He is handsome and she is feeling attracted ..

Arun came towards her, She turned towards him, and felt shy and she was blushing.. Even Arun had dressed well today, and was looking more attractive.

Arun: How are you, you look lovely in this dress..

Ramya: Thank....Thank you...

Arun : So which college are you ? What are you studying ??

Ramya : Maharani's...... girls college.. BSc 1st year... Yourself ????

Arun: I have done my B.A and doing business.

Ramya: hmm, okay. I got to go (But fact is, she wanted to stay and talk for long time)

Arun: So early ?? You just came...

Ramya : I cant talk here, my parents might see.

Arun : How about me coming near college on Friday. Tomorrow i am going to sisters place, we have a function.

Ramya : Hmm no i don't want to meet you...(she wanted to tell ' I like you, but cant love or marry you'.. But did Arun Propose her yet ?? No.... Then how can she talk about love or marriage ??)

Arun : Why not, whats wrong in meeting a friend ?

Ramya : Friend (She is not even sure, if she wants to accept proposal or marry him .But the thing that he dint propose yet, definitely seemed to bother her...

Arun; : What happened, tell me, what time can i meet you on friday.

Ramya: I cant meet you, i have classes till 4 friday..

Arun: Well , will meet you at 4;00pm friday near college..
(Before she replied, he walked away saying bye, c u friday)


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