{Next day}

Ramya is now relieved, that Arun;s sister will talk to her parents... She happily spends the day Watching t.v and listening to music...

{Around 4;00pm}...tring tring... Ramya ran to pick the call.She knew it was Arun.. Hello...Is it Ramya ??? Can you give the phone to your grandmother...Ramya gave the phone to her granny with great disappointment....

Granny: Oh okay, is it, thats so great...Sure sure..Please come..Her father comes home by 7;00pm..But we can ask him to come home by 6;00pm..(Ramya was wondering who it was)

Granny(to padma): Yeah they liked Ramya..Their purohit has said the match is perfect they are coming evening to talk about further arrangements..

padma: Amma i know its a very good proposal, but please tell them she needs two more years to finish her degree.We can get her married by end of year..After that its just 1.5  years  she will finish college..Anyway Rajesh's father said they need almost years time to set up restaurant there.So even if Rajesh goes, she can stay here 6-8 months and
finish the degree..If they agree for this..I am totally okay with this marriage..

Ramya came out hearing this, and shouted saying..

Ramya : Nooooo i wont marry now..I need to finish my degree..
Padma: yes, dear don't worry..We will ensure they let you finish your degree..

Ramya : I cant marry and go to college, all my friends will laugh at me...

Granny: There is no time for all this, they are coming in a hours time..Call up your husband and ask him to come by 5;00pm.Ask him to get some sweets and flowers..
Padma took the phone to call her dad..Ramya went to her room and shut the door...

She was worried how to get Arun;s sister to talk to her parents in this 1 hour... She immediately takes dog out.. Her granny shouts, they are coming in 1 hour, why is it urgent to take dog out now.... "Dog wants to pee now, its his regular timing it cant wait because Rajesh family is coming, and runs out...."

She reaches Arun;s place and calls shruti........ shrut.........

Shruti: Mama is not there, he is gone to office..

Ramya :Is Akka, and your grand mother home ???

Shruti: Yes they are home come inside.. Tie your dog to that gate..Amma..... Ramya akka has come..(Shilpa,Aruns sister and Aruns mom and Aruns aunt came out)

Ramya: They are coming to finalize engagement in an hour..Can you please come and talk now ???

Arun;s mother: Come on Ramya..Cant you understand..We need to do Shilpa marriage first..

Arun's aunt: Keeping shilpa in home, how do you expect to come home and ask your parents for your proposal...Its like keeping butter in hand and searching for ghee..

Ramya: keeping shilpa in home ? like keeping butter in hand and searching for ghee.??? Akka, what are they talking ?? They are coming home in 1 hour, if we wont talk, they
will fix my marriage with that guy..

Arun;s sister: I am sorry Ramya, All our relatives  suggested,  Shilpa and Arun will make good pair..Also Arun is our only pillar now..If he marries my daughter, he can permanently
stay with me. Even if shilpa marries others and go away, and Arun marries you and goes away, i will be all alone.. So i feel this is best solution..

Ramya: I will talk to Arun....

Arun's sister: No use.. He has already agreed to marry Shilpa

Ramya was totally confused, she could not believe what she was hearing.. Ramya just walks out of the house without talking anything........

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