Nic cards are indentified by eth, 1st nic card is eth0,
 2nd  nic card is eth1

 1. ifconfig        -->shows you ipaddress +loopback and vmware ip (if any)
 2. ifconfig   eth0 -->shows you ipaddress
 3. ifdown     eth0 -->Disable your network temporarily
 4. ifup       eth0 -->Enable your network

   ->To Set ipaddress

 1. system-config-network     -->opens interface for entering ip/subnetmask
 2. system-config-network-tui -->opens interface (tui is needed whn ur in gui)
  -> Ip can be set manually or thru dhcp server
     dynamic ip --> assigned thru dhcp server
     static  ip --> assigned manually

  ->After setting ip address
    service network restart    -->refresh new ip address

  ->config file for ipaddress
    cat /etc/sysconfig/network-
scripts/ifcfg-eth0   //observe entries

  ->To set hostname to machine
    vim /etc/sysconfig/network     //Opens the file   //Add this line into the file
  -> hostname //Define once hostname on commandline also

  ->service network restart        //For hostname to take effect


   1.  system-config-printer &                       OR
   2.  system --->Administration--->printer
    lpr     <file>                 --> Give job to default printer
    lpr -P <printername>  <file>   --> Give job to Specified printer
    lpq                           --> List print queue of default printer
    lpq  -a                       --> List print queue of all printers

    lpstat  <printer>              -->show status of specified printer
    lpstat                         -->show status of all printer

    lprm  <jobnum>                 --> remove a job from printer

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