1.eth0  ->first physical NIC card
2.eth1  ->second physical NIC card

eth0:1  ->Use this to assign virtual ip

To assign Multiple IP:-

1.To set multiple Ip temporarily

ifconfig eth0:0
ifconfig eth0:1  (Temp till service network restart)

2.To set multiple Ip permanently
system-config-network-tui  (Create New device and name as eth0:0)

3. To set ip using tool in GUI

4.dhclient  ->reads the ip address from dhcp server

5.ifdown eth0   ->disable the card
  ifup  eth0    ->enable the card

6.To check physical status of nic card
   ethtool eth0  (if yes link is present)

To change speed or duplex
ethtool -s eth0 autoneg off (before changing speed or duplex autoneg shuld b off
ethtool -s eth0 speed 10
ethtool -s eth0 duplex half

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