After Chamundeshwari(Mahishasura mardini) Slayed Demon Mahishasura. His sister Mahishi wanted to take revenge on gods, and prayed Brahmadev for boon, that she should Only be killed by son of Lord shiva and Lord Vishnuthus making her indestructible..

Lord vishnu took form of Mohini and married Lord Shiva and gave birth to Aiyappa, and placed him on bank of river pampa..King Rajashekhara,who was childless found the newborn Ayyappa and accepted him as a divine gift and adopted him as his own son.

Later king had a son of his own, when it was time to Crown the prince, Queen wanted her own son to be a king, and plotted to send Aiyappa to forest to get Tigress milk for her illness...

During his journey in forest, Aiyappa came across Demon Mahishi, and slew her after a huge fight.. Mahishi turned to a young woman who was cursed to be born as demon...She asks Aiyappa to marry her, but Aiyappa refuses it being a Brahmachari, However he promises her she will be housed next to his temple, and if in a year, if no new piligrim(kanni swami) visit him, then he would marry her,(which never happened, as every year there are lot of new piligrims) and she is worshipped as Maalikapurathama


After this Aiyappa returns to palace with tigress(Lord indra disguised) and cubs and few tigers(other gods)..Seeing this King begs for forgivenessand asks him to take over Crown, but Aiyappa tells his true purpose of birth andpromise to visit his subjects every year on makara sankranthi in form of jyothi(light).. And he fires an arrow at Sabari where, the Sabarimalai temple is built.


Manikanta- Who was found wearing Mani.
Mani-Gemstone, Kantan - One who is wearing it.
Hariharasuta - Hari-Vishnu,  Hara-Shiva, Sutha-Son.

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