After dinner around 11;30pm, there was a Arshina(Manjal) function. Rajni was wearing a white cotton saree, and wearing minimal jewellery, Ladies startedapplying Turmeric on her cheeks, hands and legs. Around 10 ladies appliedturmeric and finally did Arathi to her, and Rajni was sent to room to take rest, and was asked to wake up at 5;00am and get ready for Gowripooja by6;30am...It was Suresh turn now, he was wearing a white Banian and White dhoti, 10 men applied turmeric on Suresh..By time occassion finished, it was 1;30am..

Everybody retired to sleep.. Rajappa had arranged 10 rooms for Boys side, with double cot for close relatives,and also 20 beds were arrangedin a big hall for others..

Next day around 5;00am Rajni and Suresh woke up..Rajni took bath and wore a White reshme/Pattu saree with green border. Cousins plaited her hair and attached moggina jade (jasmine flowers).. She wore Pearl earrings,Pearl choker necklace, pearl vadyanam and pearl vanki, and pearl bangles.. Ladies took her to Gowri pooja where she did pooja to Gowri idol and Tulasi..And gave Bettles leaves
to ladies..

Suresh was ready by 7;00am he was taken to Vara Pooja, where Krishnappa and his wife, washed Suresh's feet offered kumkum flowers and did Arathi.. After that he was taken to Kalyana Mantapam, where Rajni joined him..

Around 7;30am people finished Idli-vada-pongal breakfast and joined the hall to witness the thali tying ceremony..

Rakesh wore a Blue full sleeves shirt and white dhoti and was leading people to breakfast, and saw Ramya's family coming in...  Ramya was looking stunning in Blue Pattu/reshme saree, and wore a small gold necklace with matching earrings and bangles.. And had  plaited hairs and wore flowers..
"Hello ramya, how is your leg now" ??asked Rakesh.

Well, after a pain killer injection and good sleep, she is totally  alright " said Jagdish...

Did you have breakfast Rakesh ? asked Jagdish.

"No uncle, its ok.." said Rakesh...

"Oh come on Rakesh, Muhurtam will start in 15mins, if you dont eat now, you can only eat lunch, that too after all relatives, so it will be around 4;00pm"

Rakesh walks with Ramya family...And they all starthaving their breakfast with hot coffee..

"veda who is that girl sitting next to Rakesh, she is very beautiful, can you tell her details, we can check for our Raju"  Asks Vedavathi's aunt..

"Girl with Rakesh ??? where ??? And turns back to see Rakesh having breakfast with Ramya's family, she was pissed to core. And walks towards them to yell at Rakesh..By then someone calls

"Vedavathi come soon muhurtam isabout to start...."

Vedavathi decides to teach them a lesson, and put an end to this Rakesh-Krishnappa's friendship with Ramya's family.

Around 8;00am sharp, With Ghatti melam Suresh ties Knot to Rajni..After that couple is made to sit on chair, and Rajni's father places Rajni's hands on suresh(as Kanyadanam) and  places bettle leaves and coconut in Rajni;s hands and both Krishnappa and wife pours milk as per purohit's instructions..
This ritual is then followed by most of relatives..

Around 11;30am, ritual is completed and everybody goes to dining hall for lunch.. Lunch was wonderful feast with multiple dishes, everybody praised the taste, and guests were given a small silver lamps as return gifts...

Most of relatives had left by 3;00pm...Jagdish also vacated room and came to marriage hall to informKrishnappa and Vedavathi....

"ok krishnappa we are leaving, we have a bus at 5;00pm..Marriage went very well, Food was also very tasty, arrangements were great"
Says Jagdish..

"Thanks for coming, yeah marriage went well" says krishnappa.

You people are starting tom or day after tom ?? asked jagdish

"We are starting tom only, tonite is Neptual(first night), But Sureshwill stay here for 2days and then come to Bangalore,  visitour Kuladievam and goes to Goa for honeymoon" said Krishnappa..

"Veda get them sweet packets and Saree for Padma akka", said Krishnappa...

"Aiyo sweet packets are over, Saree's is only for close relatives, cant give for everyone " said Vedavathi...

Krishnappa stared at Vedavathi, Padma and jagdish felt very insulted. "Its ok Krishna, so many people are there, its natural to fall short, no worries" said Jagdish and took leave....

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