After a week..

Mom i am going for a browsing centre, need to
apply for few jobs, said Ramya..

Sure ma, wish you get the job soon, says Padma..

After 30mins Ramya came back home, and shouted
with joy, mom i got job in Rakesh's office itself..
You know i will be getting 25k per month, and will
be joining in 4days, that is next monday...

Wow, its really good..We should definitely thank
Rakesh. Email him the offer letter, and send him
a thank you mail dear.. Said Jagdish..

Sure dad, i will go out buy sweets and send him mail..

Rakesh saw the mail and was very happy, as she
has joined the same office, and he will get to see her daily.. He just wanted 2 weeks to complete soon so he canbe back to India and see her..

Hello... Oh Rakesh how are you?? Thanks, she
is not there, she has gone to browsing centre to
email you, she is not back yet, sure will tell her
that you had called to congrajulate her.. says Padma.

Rakesh felt bad that he could not talk to her,
he decides to buy her a laptop from singapore,
so she dont have to go to browsing centre now on.

2 weeks passed by, Vedavathi and Rajni were eager
to receive Rakesh.They had arranged for girl
seeingceremony in Sarika's relatives place in bangalore the same weekend.

Rakesh had reached bangalore on saturday, and
he was waiting for monday so he can see Ramya
in office.. Sunday morning Vedavathi calls Rakesh
and says "Rakesh get ready, we need to go to
Rajni's relative place" Oh come on mom i just
came yesterday, also i need to go back office
tommorrow, let me take rest said Rakesh.

Let him take rest, whats urgent to go Roshni's
house we can go next week too right said
Krishnappa.. No.. They are leaving India in
3 weeks, by then we have to fix this.. says Veda.

Fix what ???? questioned Rakesh, now dont
keep talking and waste time, get ready we are
leaving in 30mins said Vedavathi and walked in..

Krishnappa,Vedvathi,Rakesh, Rajni reached
Roshni's house at 5;00pm.. Rajni introduced
her relative, Roshni, her husband, and Sarika...
Sarika was wearing a Maroon georgette saree,
and was looking very beautiful..

They all had tea and snacks. Sarika take Rakesh
around and show the house and Garden ma,
says Roshni.. Its ok aunt said Rakesh..

Go Rakesh, dont worry this is my aunts house
she has a beautiful garden says Roshni.

Rakesh walked with Sarika.. Sarika asked
Rakesh about his education, job, hobbies
and told her interests..

They both came back in 20mins, and heard
Vedvathi saying, we have no issues, we can
have engagement in 2weeks, For marriage
you people can come back again from usa
after 5-6months no problem...

Marriage ?? Whose marriage said Rakesh..

Who else Rakesh, yours and Sarika's said Rajni..

What ??? No i dont want to marry right now
said Rakesh..


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