Next day, around 7;00 Rakesh goes to bus stand to pickup Ramya and Family...

Ramya looks be looking beautiful in tracks and T-shirt..Rakesh had never seen Ramya in Mod dresses, hehad seen her mostly in Selwar,Saree...

"What time does the function starts ?" Asks Jagdish..

After Breakfast we all are going to Choultry around 11;00amUncle.. Mom was telling there are some Rituals around 12;00pm..

"Oh Welcome Jagdish, Rakesh allocate the room in 1st floor to them, Take bath and come down, we can have breakfast and start to Choultry.." Says Krishnappa..

Vedavathi sees Krishnappa taking special care of Jagdish and Rakesh is busy serving them..She was pissed off..** And shouts "Rakesh...... Come here Suresh friends have come, help them find their room.."

**(From time she saw Rakesh and Ramya come together in bike, she started hating Padma, she feels Padma and Jagdish are plotting to get Rakesh Marry Ramya)

"Coming mom 5 mins.. Come uncle, will show you the room," says Rakesh, and takes Luggage from Ramya's hands...

Vedavathi was boiling, but couldnt help, she decided to deal with this later..And walks off to see if breakfast is ready..

Around 9;00am, as usual Rajappa sent Breakfast for 30 people, and also sent 2 Scorpio's to take Krishnappa's relatives to Marriage hall which was merely at 15mins walk from their house...

Vedavathi was walking with Pride, telling all their relatives about Extra care and special arrangements done by Rajappa..

After breakfast, they all started to Marriage hall...

*** All Shastras(Rituals) mentioned below is followed by Karnataka Gowda's Community..***

First function was Velai Shastra, Where Parents of Bride and Groom exchange bettel nuts and Fruits, as a token of Acceptance of Marriage.. (Similar to Engagement) Bride and Groom have no role here.... Purohit read the Lagna Patrika (Marriage invitation) and applied Turmeric to both ends, This went for 30mins, finally Rajappa and his wife handed over a plate filled with Bettlenuts and fruits..

"Wow this is Silver Plate, so big..Good vedavathi your Begaru (Sambandhi,Rishtedar) is not only Rich but very generous..." Says Vydehi, Vedavathi's sister...

Around 12;30, people started going to Lunch, Next function was Bale Shastra which was around 3;00pm..

Rakesh was in Suresh room along with Few friends, who were chatting and teasing Suresh....Rajni was surrounded by her cousins, when someone came and called Bride and Groom for lunch...

Rajni and her cousins walked to Dining hall, while Suresh walked with his friends and Rakesh.. Rakesh saw Ramya and family walking to dining hall, Ramya was looking gorgeous in Blue Anarkali Selwar, with Matching earrings and Chain..

Ramya and family sat just opposite to Rajni,Suresh and Rakesh..Rakesh kept seeing Ramya, he was lost by her beauty.... He was talking to himself "Wow how beautiful she is, i should tell her soon that i Love her, but she hardly talks to me apart from course, i should find a way to tell her, how i feel about her"..

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