After Lunch, Rajni's cousin help her get ready for BaleShastra, Where a Bride does Pooja to Bunch of Bangles..And Married Women will put Turmeric, Kumkum,Flowers and bangles to Bride..

Rajni was wearing a Parrot green saree, with Matching GreenAntique Jhumka, Green Antique Necklace, and a Long Emerald Necklace, and 2 finger rings on both hands,and green Antique Bangles...

"Is that Vadyanam, Vanki, Jada all gold ??? it looks like gold" says Vydehi to Vedavathi.."Yes yes Vydehi its all gold, i told you na, she has 15 such sets, Vadyanam, Vanki, Jada is all gold only..They have given around 2kgs gold"

When purohit calls for Bride, Rajni's cousins gets herfrom room, Rajni sits on grand seat placed in Stage of Reception hall...A bunch of colourful bangles, and Black Bangles are placed in multiple plates in front of her, in a step by step stand.. Rajni does pooja to that bangles bunch, as instructed by the Purohit..

After that an elderly women starts custom, by placing Turmeric, kumkum and Flowers and puts 2 black bangles to Rajni's hands..Many women follow the custom including Rajni's mother and Vedavathi.. Padma(Ramya's mom) also goes near bride to do the custom... Vedavathi says

"Ok ok, enough, Rajni should be tired, she needs to go to parlour to get ready for Reception, around 8 women have done the custom, its enough if everyone who has come to marriage keeps doing it, then it will become night.." Padma felt ashamed, and walks back to her seat.. She had no clue why Vedavathi behaved like this.....

Around 4;30pm, Coffee/Tea/Soup and Bhajiyas/Samosa/Manchuri's were arranged in dining hall.. People had the snacks, and some left home, to get ready for the Reception..

Rajni had booked a famous Stylist in town, but they had requested Rajni to come to parlour, as it will be easy for them to dress her there, with no crowd, and all items available at hands...

Rajni's Family and Suresh's family had Snacks together..

"Ok ma, its already 5;00pm now, go to parlour, please come back by 6;00pm, otherwise people will be waiting..And who is coming with you, why dont you take Ramya, she can suggest, what kinda makeup looks good on you, Ramya has done a basic
Beautician course,"says Krishnappa..

"What ???????? They have hired a Best stylist in town, and do you think they need Ramya's opinon.. Rajni take only 2 of your cousins.. Come back soon.. Suresh you also be ready by 6;00pm " Says Vedavathi....

Ramya and Padma who was sitting in next table heard this, and felt insulted.. "Thankgod your dad was not here, otherwise he would havefelt very bad, dono what happened to Vedavathi she's behaving weird from 2 weeks." says Padma.


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