Rajappa had arranged Neptual in a his house.. Everybody had dinner, and let the couple to room, and returned to rooms allocated for them. Next day Rajappa's wife had packed lots of gifts for Krishnappa,Vedavathi family, including Fruits,Vegetables grown in their Field.

Suresh we are starting now, come back in 2days, thursday there is booking for our Kula Devata.Says Krishnappa... Krishnappa,Vedavathi and Rakesh returns Blore, and Rakesh starts going to his job from next day.

What happened to this Veda Aunty mom, she was very rude to us says Ramya... Even i am not sure Ramya, she was so good all these days, and took me to all marriage shopping, wondering whats wrong, neeways lets not tell this to your dad it would hurt him, and it might spoil your dad's and Krishnappa uncle's friendship..

Ramya gets busy with her final exams, and Rakesh with his Project works.. Suresh and Rajni came back from native, visited Kula devata and spent 4days in Goa. Suresh leave was ending in two days...

Padma, met krishnappa today, suresh is leaving to Hyderabad in two days, Rajni will stay here for 2 months as there Flat is ready to move only next month.. Why dont we invite them for Lunch this sunday? says Jagdish.

Sure why not, we cant just call Suresh-Rajni, lets invite entire family says Padma..

Alrite will call up Krishnappa and invite them. Said Jagdish...

Veda was busy cooking Lunch...Rajni walks in and asks amma can i help.. Aiyo no dear you take rest, you guys are just back from Goa, also suresh leaves in two days, spend time with him says Vedavathi. (Vedavathi was proud of Ranji's inheritance, and Grand marriage and royal treatment from her parents, She was very sweet and gentle with Rajni)

Veda..Veda, Jagdish had called up to invite new couple and us for Lunch on sunday. Rajni be ready tommorrow ma, we need to go to my friends house for Lunch says Krishnappa..

Vedavathi immediately says No, suresh and Rajni are planning to go to a movie and lunch tommorrow, they cant come says Vedavathi.. Suresh who came back from friends place, says no ma we are going for movie and dinner tonite not tommorrow. Vedavathi had no choice but to agree for Lunch at their place...

Rakesh who learnt they are going to Ramya's place for lunch was very happy, he had not seen her in a while..

Next day, around 11;00am they all left to Jagdish's place....

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