Dont worry, he just got into job a year back na, so he feels he needs to settle in job, alrite we are starting now. says Vedavathi..

Moment they reached house, Rakesh shouts saying "why did you agree without asking me"... come on Rakesh Isnt sarika Beautiful ??? Also she is a AmericanCitizen, you can easily move to usa and settle down there said Vedavathi.

Mom, just because she is beautiful and American citizen i cant marry her, i hardly met/spoke to her.. says Rakesh.

If you want to talk to her, i can arrange one more meet, give me a reason why you wouldnt want to marry her said Vedavathi..

Veda, dont force him, its his marriage matters, let him met her once more, we will decide after that said Krishnappa..

Next day Rakesh got ready happily and went to office in his bike, generally he doesnt carry lunch, but today he asked for Lunch and carried it. Vedavathi and Rajni was happy assuming Rakesh is coming around..

He reached office, directly went to Ramya's project bay and searched for her. Is there a Person called Ramya, who joined 2 weeks back asked Rakesh..

Yes, this is her seat, she comes bit late, as she comes in public bus, she  can subscribe to Cab only from 1st na said Ramya's team mate...

He was about to leave, Ramya walked in.. Hi Ramya how are you asked Rakesh.. I am good, thanks a lot for this job Rakesh said Ramya. Oh its fine, by the way i came to give you this laptop i got it from singapore, it was very cheap there said Rakesh...

Oh, but how can i take, this is very costly gift said Ramya. Never mind once you get your salary give me a good treat that will do said Rakesh. Still mom and dad might not like this said Ramya.. Hmmm dont worry i will talk to aunt and uncle said Rakesh.

Btw where do you have lunch asked Rakesh, i get it from home..said Ramya Oh nice even i have got lunch today, will have lunch together, will ping you bye said Rakesh and walked before she could reply....

Around 1;30pm Rakesh pinged Ramya, they both left to cafeteria for lunch.. They shared the food, and spoke a lot... Oh good Ramya in 2weeks you have improved a lot, before you used to hardly talk to anyone, said Rakesh..

He spoke about places he saw in singapore, and his hobbies and interest. Ramya also spoke about her interests of listening to old songs, and Gardening..

How do you go evening ? guess till 1st you cant subscribe to Office cab na, will drop you in evening, i will start at 6;30pm said Rakesh.

Its ok, i will go on my own, i am going from past two weeks na, one more week after that i will get cab no worries said Ramya.

Come on, you stay 5mins away from my place, and you want to change two buses for that said Rakesh... Ramya just noded her head with yes..

Evening Rakesh dropped Ramya, Padma invited Rakesh to have coffee. Mom did you see this laptop Rakesh got this from Singapore for me said Ramya...

Oh why did you buy all this pa asked Jagdish.. Its ok uncle it was very cheap there also, its better to have a Laptop and internet connection.

And Aunty, i will pick and drop Ramya for a week, she has to change 2 buses and walk 15mins to reach office daily, after that anyways she will get office cab
said Rakesh...

Oh its strain for you, she will manage said Jagdisg, no problem unlce, even i go to same office right there is no problem said Rakesh...


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