Next two days passed by with Rakesh picking and dropping and meeting Ramya for Lunch and chats.. Everytime he picks up a topic of Love or marriage Ramya would answer " I dont believe in love marriages i will go for arranged marriage, but not right now..."

Rakesh was not sure how to express his love for her..He was afraid he would loose her friendship too..

Rakesh, from monday i will be going in cab, have got the office cab booked.Thanks for picking and dropping me for week. said Ramya..

Thats ok, i dont understand why you booked cab, i could have dropped you, neeways we stay close by said Rakesh..

Its alrite no problem, and monday lets go for a treat, i will get salary monday na.. I am not sure what gift to buy for you.. So we will go together you select a gift and lets have dinner too...

"Mom i will be not coming home, we have a bachelor party at my friends place. I will come tommorrow said Rakesh..

Ohh hes not coming home, what to do amma, its weekend..Thought we can convince him in 2days na amma said Rajni

Dont worry Rajni he will come tommorrow, i know how to convince him said Vedavathi..

Rakesh came only by saturday evening, and said "Mom m very tired i dont want dinner am going to sleep"

Sunday morning Vedavathi woke him and gave coffee, and said, "Take bath and get ready, i have done your favourite poori-aloo for breakfast and for Lunch i am doing Chicken biryani and Kababs.."

Oh wow mom, is it my birthday today ? all my favourites today.. Said Rakesh..

just like that, now go get ready soon...

Rakesh finished breakfast and sat watching cricket..
Krishnappa also joined and they both enjoyed watching cricket..

Around 2;00pm vedvathi called them for lunch.. Momits very tasty, kababs are very good today
said Rakesh

After lunch, Vedavathi started the topic...

Rakesh i checked with purohit Wednesday is very
good day for enagement, suresh has leave itseems
even he will come by tuesday said Vedavathi.

Whattttt ?? whose enagement.. screamed Rakesh.

Yours and Sarika's they will be leaving to usa soon,
so we need to finish this soon...

Mom how many times to say, i wont get married now.

Veda, why are you forcing him, whats urgent now,
let him get married after 1-2yrs na said Krishnappa.

You please keep quiet, marriage will be after 6months only, this is just engagement, Suresh got married to girl we selected, now this is a very good offer i dont see a reason to reject said Vedavathi to krishnappa.

Mom but.. i like Ramya..I want to marry her, said Rakesh

Yes veda Ramya is a very good girl, Ramya and Rakesh makes a good pair said Krishnappa..

Enough, i never asked anything till date, he is marrying sarika and thats it, if he doesnt he can marry that Ramya after cremating my body..And this is final cried vedavathi...

Come on veda, why such big talks, it will happen, you
be quiet now..Rajni take her inside ma said Krishnappa...

What is this dad, even you want me to marry sarika?

Rakesh if Ramya also loves you and wants to marry you i would have married you guys, but you havent
even told her, and Jagdish was saying she is still low
with broken engagement and would marry her after couple of years. Sarika also seems to be good girl
Said Krishnappa...

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