Ramya, do you like Rakesh, do you want to marry him ? Once our selection failed.. Now marriage is totally your decision child, we will stick to your decision says Jagdish..

I..... I dont know dad, I like him, he is a very good person, but i never thought about marriage with him...

Ramya, Rakesh is very good person, Krishnappa anna also is very good. But i am worried about
Vedavathi, i doubt if she ever agrees you..If you like Rakesh and feel confident that he loves and takes care of you, we will stand by you..

"Hmmm is it ok, if i tell you tommorrow morning mom" said Ramya and walked to her bedroom..

Ramya was lying on her bed. She was taken aback by this sudden proposal, especially in front of her parents.. She liked Rakesh, she also felt attracted to him these days. But her past still seemed to bother her..

She told herself "Isnt this irony.. I was pleading Arun and his sister to come home and tell my parents about our marriage. But here Rakesh directly proposed for marriage that too asking mom-dad directly..

I know mom and dad would love to have Rakesh as their son-in-law..

Rakesh is a gentlemen, he surely will take good care of me...

But Can i forget past and live happily with Rakesh ????, can i give him 100%.

Should i tell him about my past..

Ramya could not get sleep with all these thoughts...She never knew when she slept,
she woke up at 8;00am when Padma asked Ramya wont you go to office today ???

Oh no mom, i have a headache, i wont go office today.. said Ramya..

Alright take this coffee, get ready and come for breakfast.. Your dad wants to talk to you said Padma

Ramya drank coffee, got ready and prayed to god and came to dining table..

Did you decide dear ?? Rakesh will be coming evening, we have to tell him something right??
Said Jagdish.

Mom, Dad can i ask you something ? Do you both like Rakesh ?? Do you think he loves me and takes good care of me ???

Ramya, Rakesh is very good boy.. Though is working from 1yr, with onsite oppurtunities and his technical expertise he will have good career.. Also krishnappa anna is very good, he likes you and our family very much.. I am just worried about Vedavathi said Padma..

Come on Padma, defintely vedavathi akka will be angry, but as time pass by she will accept Ramya, also there will be Krishna and Rakesh to support and take care of Ramya, said Jagdish.

Alrite dad, if you both like Rakesh, i will agree for this marriage. I Like him too says Ramya and runs into her bedroom.. Arrey atleast finish your breakfast na, calls Padma..

Breakfast, wah i came in right time isnt it ? said Krishnappa walking into Jagdish house..

Oh come Krishna, i was about to call you... Said Jagdish..

First lets finish breakfast we can talk after that says Padma and serves breakfast to Jagdish and Krishnappa..

It was already 9;00am. Rakesh twice went to Ramya's cubicle and dint see her.. He saw her team mate and asked about Ramya.. "Oh Ramya will not be coming today" said her team mate..

Rakesh immediately took 3hrs permission from his Lead and left to Ramya's place...

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