Ramya we are going out to temple to arrange things. We will buy him suit and dress on the way..

Rakesh is so smart, he already bought you Saree and Gold.. We will go to bank to bring you jewels.. We had bought a set of Jewels Long back for your marriage... Take this 25000 my dear, go out and buy anything you need.. Let me know if you need anything more.. said Jagdish.

No dad this is enough, infact i cant think of anything to buy.. I will just go to parlour, and may be buy some cosmetics thats all.. 5000rs is more than enough take this 20,000 back.. I will definitely take if i think of anything... Said Ramya...

After 2hrs Rakesh called Ramya...

Rakesh: Hi Ramya, where are you??

Ramya: Hi Rakesh i just came out to buy few things..

Rakesh: Oh nice, my bride is getting ready for marriage..

Ramya: Oh come on Rakesh, Ramya blushed.. You know, what i am really scared about your mom, i dono how she is going to react, already she doesnt like me...

Rakesh: Sweetie, please dont worry about it.. We will take care... And i cant meet you evening, mom would call me 1000times as its Engagement tom. Infact she asked me not to go office today..Did you want me to buy something ???

Ramya: No no, you have already bought me saree and gold what else i need...

Rakesh: Thali ?? Dont we need Thali to get married ???

Ramya: Oh yea we forgot.. Shall i ask my parents to buy...

Rakesh: NO no.. Husband buys thali, i will buy it on way tommorrow morning.. Once your parents fix the time SMS me.. I will start little early before muhurtam and buy it...

Ramya: I just cant believe all this.. I never thought we will marry. That too not this early..

Rakesh: Oh so you thought we will marry later, .. Hope you are happy with this..

Ramya: Yes yes Rakesh, i am happy...

Rakesh: Alrite love you sweetie, see my pretty bride tommorrow..

Ramya: Hmmm...Love you too..Bye...Will sms timings once parents come.

Rakesh, you are coming on regular timings, i told you to put leave na, atleast you could have taken half day.. Tommorrow 12;00pm is engagement..Did you invite any of your friends?? Did you try that Sherwani? We will be starting home at 11;00am. Have asked your dad to book a Mini van, Rajni parents, your aunt her family and your atthe and family all are coming home tommorrow 6;00am Bus, need to pick them as well..Suresh is coming tonite, go and pick him up in half hour..

Mom.. Mom cool cool.. You are telling so many things.. Ok will pick Suresh.. I cant pick your relatives, ask Dad or suresh to pick. No i have not invited any of my friends.. Now dont ask me 100 questions, i am tired, give me dinner, need to pick up suresh after that.

Amma its ok, leave him alone. Atleast he is showing some interest. Neeways tom is the engagement. Once engagement is over he will come around..

Rakesh picked Suresh, and both spoke for sometime.. Rakesh thought of telling Suresh, but Krishnappa warned as he might tell Rajni... Rakesh's mobile beeped.. He just bid goodnite to everyone and left to his room.

Rakesh, you need to be up and ready by 7;00am. All relatives will come home..We have arranged breakfast for 25people. After pooja, around 10;30-11;00 we will start from home said Vedavathi..


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