Rakesh was worried, and not sure how to cancel this engagement, he first wanted to be good friend of Ramya, then propose her for marriage, but if he doesnt propose her now, he will be forced to get engaged to Sarika...

Rakesh was waiting for lunch time, so he could talk to Ramya.. They met at 1;00pm for Lunch. Rakesh i bought a Pattu(Reshme) saree for mom, and a watch for dad yesterday, they both were very happy, i am very thankful to you.. You got me job , in my 1st interview..I have told mom i will be coming late.. Tell me where we can buy you a gift, and decide a hotel where we can have dinner.

Hmm Gift i dont want anything now, but definitely will ask you someday,that time you shouldnt say no.. You like Pizza na, for dinner we can go to Pizza hut.. said Rakesh....

Rakesh could not work whole day, he was totally restless.. Later he came to a conclusion, "If i dont propose her now i am going to loose her for life.. I will tell her today itself." He felt better after that..

Around 6;30pm, they both left to Pizza hut, had dinner.. Ramya seemed to be very happy with
her 1st salary and was talking about her work, wht she wants to do with her salary and stuff.. But Rakesh seemed occupied about how to start sentence to propose her..

I am done Rakesh, its very heavy, i cant eat anymore.. Hmm alright lets make it "To go" . Ramya can you help me buy a saree and gold for my Atthige(Anni), Suresh is coming next month, they will be leaving so i wanted to buy them. Suresh has bought me lots of gifts before marriage said Rakesh

I dont know much about gold, but saree surely i can help said Ramya.

1st they went to a Saree show room.. Rakesh whats the budget asked Ramya.. It doesnt matter, you should like it thats imp, i mean my Anni/Atthige should like it thats important.

Salesgirl put a Skyblue Pattu/Reshme saree on Ramya, and said this suits you very much madam.. Yes true it looks very good on you Ramya said Rakesh.. Yes but i think Rajni akka has this colour, she wore it one of functions in marriage, lets see some other colour.. said Ramya.

Hmm did you like this ?? Lets take this saree itself, it doesnt matter if she has same colour, alright pack this said Rakesh..

Next they went to Lakshmi Gold Palace.. Ramya please select a Finger ring, 50grams chain, and 2 bangles. Ramya selected a Ring, Chain and bangles..

So what next ??? direclty home right asked Ramya..

Hmm wait mom asked me to buy some flowers and sweets, a guest is coming home said Rakesh..

Guest ?? This late ?? Ramya asked, but Rakesh pretended as if he dint hear it...

Finally they went to Ramya's place... Padma saw Rakesh and Ramya, and invited Rakesh inside..
Oh come Rakesh, how was dinner.. So what gift did Ramya buy you asked Padma...

No mom he dint buy any gift, he will ask me later itseems said Ramya..

Oh Rakesh, congrats pa.. Met your father today he said wednesday is your engagement..

Ramya was shocked, Engagment ?? you never told me.

Ramya come sit, thats what i wanted to talk, Aunty,uncle you also please sit..

I dont want to marry Sarika.. I like Ramya, if you all agree i will marry Ramya..Infact she doesnt even know that..I wanted to first become good friend, understand each other then propose, but mom is
hurrying with this engagement, so i am telling it now...

There was a big smile in Ramya;s face.. Padma and Jagdish saw it.. We all like you Rakesh, but your engagement is already fixed.. And definitely your mom will never agree to stop that engagement and never accept Ramya as her daughter-in-law.. I dont know even if krishnappa wants this Said Jagdish..

Uncle, Dad likes Ramya, he told me if Ramya agrees to marry me, he will help convice mom..Wednesday is my engagment, i know its big shock for all of you.. But i can only give you people one day to decide.. By Tommorrow evening i need to know your decision..

If you all agree Wednesday morning i will get married to Ramya.. Here is the Saree and Gold, i bought for Ramya. If you all agree she will be wearing this on our marriage day, otherwise this is gift i am giving for girl whom i loved from my heart, i am leaving now uncle.. Bye said Rakesh..


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