It was Ramya;s sms..

"Hi Rakesh, Muhurtam is at 8;00am.. What do we do about Thali, i doubt if any Gold shops are open that time"

Rakesh, saw the time it was 9;30pm.. He messaged back "Can you check with your people, if its ok to go out and buy Thali this hour of the day "

Ramya messaged in 10mins.. "Dont worry, Dad knows a Achari, and spoke to him.. He has agreed to get home few Models of Thali, we have told about your thali style". Tom 7;30am you and dad can go to his home and pick up"

Rakesh: Hmm Good idea.. Do you know what is tom this time for us ???

Ramya: What ??

Rakesh: 1st night sweet heart, forgot that ??

Ramya: Ada chee..(She just thought, you are already thinking of it, but i am worried about your mom's reaction tommorrow, after that i doubt its gonna be a pleasant 1st nite )

Next day, Rakesh got ready by 6;30am.. Mom i am going to temple said Rakesh..

Arrey you are ready so soon?? Good.. Temple, why suddenly temple..asked Veda..

Nothing ma, today is engagement na. A new start in my life, So wanted to go temple said Rakesh.

Oh good, then wait 5mins Suresh has gone to pick up relatives, you can take him to temple too..

By then suresh came.. Veda even i will go to temple.. while coming back will bring flowers, it will be fresh near temple market. said Krishnappa..

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