Alrite, come soon.. said Vedavathi

Suresh,Rakesh and Krishnappa started in Krishnappa's Santro car..

Rakesh called up Jagdish.. Uncle we have started from home, where is that Achari's place..

Come home Rakesh, we can go from here said Jagdish.

Suresh, drive to Jagdish's place.. said Krishnappa.

Rakesh, which achari, should we pick up any gold on the way? Jagdish uncle joins us ? asked Suresh.

Suresh, there is a big surprise for you smiled Rakesh.

Ramya was ready with Saree Rakesh bought.. She was looking very beautiful in Blue Pattu saree. She wore Red colour necklace, earrings,finger ring..And Bangles that Rakesh bougth her.. She was having her hair platted with Moggina Jada(Pelli Jada)..

Oh wow Ramya, you are looking very beautiful..You are dressed as a bride? said Suresh confusingly..

Yes Suresh, will tell you everything wait.. You drive Padma aunty, Ramya and dad to shiva temple. Uncle you and me can go in bike to Achari house said Rakesh.

On way Krishnappa explained suresh about how Rakesh liked Ramya, and had to do this sudden marriage, to stop Engagment with Sarika...He also warned not to call Rajni/Vedavathi about this...

No dad, why would i tell, if Rakesh wants to marry his love why would i object, as long as he's happy we are fine said suresh seeing Ramya...

Ramya and Padma felt relieved.

It was 7;00am by then... Purohit started pooja's and arranged for muhurtam...Rakesh and Jagdish was there in next 10mins...

With Krishnappa and Suresh from Rakesh side, Jagdish and Padma from Ramya side, marriage went peacefully.... Rakesh and Ramya took blessings of all elders..

And it was time to take new bride to Rakesh's home

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