After couple of days...

Ramya got ready and came to living room, and there was no vedavathi in kitchen, she saw Krishnappa, and asked "Uncle i dont see aunty in kitchen, has she gone out ?

No ma, she is not feeling well, she is suffering from cold and fever..

I am going to hotel to bring her coffee...

Uncle, let me do the coffee... Ramya prepared coffee in next 15mins, and gave 2 cups of coffee to Krishnappa.. And took two cup for herself and Rakesh..

Rakesh aunty is not feeling well, take bath and take her to clinic, by then i will prepare breakfast and lunch said Ramya..

Vedavathi just drank coffee... She was either not aware of who prepared it, or was too weak to check/aruge over it..

In next 1hr ramya prepared, vegetable pulav and Rasam for cold..

Vedavathi, brushed her teeth with help of krishnappa and just ate Vegetable pulav without a word, she felt warm eating spicy pulav and again drank hot coffee..

By then Rakesh got ready and asked Vedavathi to come clinic..

No its ok, its just cold and fever. I have taken tablet for cold and fever, i should be alrite by tommorrow said Vedavathi..

Uncle, i have prepared some soup, she can have it around 11;30.. I have also done rice, rasam and curry... If you want i can put leave and stay home... And take this vicks, please rub this to her chest and throat..

No its ok ma, you go to office i will take care..said Krishnappa

Ok then i will prepare coffee and put it in a flask, you can give her when she needs said Ramya..

Sure dear, you are so caring said Krishnappa...

Ramya called up krishnappa in noon to check if Vedavathi took tablets and ate lunch...

Yes dear, i heated soup and gave her, she liked it.. And have given her tablets, lunch she will eat in some time... said Krishnappa..

Couple of days, Ramya cooked and Vedavathi ate without a word...

By third day Vedavathi had recovered fully.. She saw Ramya in kitchen, but kept quiet, as food was tasty.. And she thought one work less for me..

Ramya prepared lunch and breakfast for everyone, and packed food for them.. By the time they come vedvathi would have prepared dinner.. This contiuned for few days...

Rakesh was happy, as he felt vedavathi is coming around..

That weekend, it was his colleague's marriage..

Ramya, get ready soon.. We will get late for reception said Rakesh..

Just 10 more minutes, not used to wear these sarees said Ramya..

Rakesh hugged Ramya and said, darling need any help??

Oh Rakesh, dont forget you are just delaying by doing this, just watch tv or something i will come in max 5mins said Ramya..

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