Ramya, i am booking 10days tour for Kulumanali and Shimla.. We will be starting wednesday.. please apply leave said Rakesh.

Ramya was very happy, and glad that she could be away from this house for 10days..

Next day, Ramya tried going to kitchen in morning, Ramya amma will get angry if she sees you, please go away.. I will prepare breakfast said Rajni..

I know Akka, but i will feel bad, if i dont help.. Also it wont look good if i just carry what you cook...

Who told i am going to cook for you ?? I am cooking for only house members and that includes me,amma appa and my brother in law... said Rajni..

Isnt your brother in law my husband Akka, and being his wife am i not part of family, why do you talk like this said Ramya..

No you are not part of family.. You have forced yourself into this family, and marrying Rakesh might have got you place into this house, but never in our hearts said Vedavathi..

Ramya just weeped and went into her room.. Rakesh came out from bath and asked if Ramya was crying, she just brushed off saying something went into eyes..

They were ready.. Ramya pack lunch for us, said Rakesh.

Lunch??..... Rajni is daughter of such a rich person, she herself cooks here, and you want her to cook for your wife ?? Are you out of your mind ?? Or do you expect me to cook, pack her lunch and do her seva screamed Vedavathi..

Ramya dint you cook for us ? Asked Rakesh...

Ramya chose to be silent... Alrite ma we will eat out.. bye..

Third day Rakesh got up early, and asked Ramya to get him coffee, and prepare some breakfast.. Good thing for Ramya even Krishnappa was in house that day, he dint go for walk as he was not feeling well...

Ramya went to kitchen and made coffee for everyone.. Served it to Rakesh and Krishnappa.. And gave to Rajni also.. Rajni just sipped coffee as Krishnappa was there, and tried giving to
Vedavathi.. Aunty coffee...

Vedavathi took the coffee, and literally threw it... Coffee cup and saucer broke, and coffee was spilled in entire living room..

Veda.............There is a limit.. Why are you behaving like this ?? shouted Krishnappa..

Veda started crying, oh yes you support her, let Rakesh also support her.. I am the bad guy here, she brainwashes Rakesh and marries him, breaks the engagment and insults us in front of everyone, and now i should accept her as my daughter in law and keep her on head....

Che, i donno when will you change, said Krishnappa and walked away....

Ramya just stood stunned, and was moved only when Rakesh shook her and said "Ramya...come in.." Both left to room got and ready and left to office without uttering a word...

Ramya... Please dont take these things into heart.. Mom is like that, give it a time she will come around.. Will you please let this go sweetie for my sake said Rakesh..

Ramya just tried laughing, oh come on Rakesh i am not upset i understand her angry.. I am totally fine...Lets go to office... said Ramya wiping her tears..

Next two days they just ate outside..

Ramya, is your luggage ready, have you packed warm clothes its very cold there, said Rakesh.. Yes Rakesh i have packed, if we have time can we visit my parents before leaving said Ramya.

Sure baby, we have time.. We can go in car, meet them..Drop car there and from there take a cab to airport said Rakesh.. They both came out with Luggage..

Mom we are going to Shimla,Kulu,Manali for 10days.. said Rakesh..

Oh why are you telling that now pa, you dint even feel like telling about your marriage, go whereever you want, who am i to even inform.. I am just a servant lying in this house.. Weeped Vedavathi.

Veda, they are going on honeymoon, why do you want to make it bitter, let them go happily said Krishnappa..

Ramya took blessings of Krishnappa, tried taking blessings of Vedavathi.. She literally moved back...

Rakesh was keeping luggage in car, and krishnappa was helping him.. Ramya went in to bring her mobile, Saw Rajni and said "Bye akka, is there anything you want me to bring from there" ??

Oh just get lost, she is 100times rich than you, you dont have to buy her anything said Vedavathi..


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