Oh No Rakesh, please dont talk about that.. Already she feels we brainwashed and married you.. Now if we go seperate do you think she will spare me..

Also its not only about her, think of uncle.. Already suresh is away.. Now even if we go away he will feel bad.. Its alrite.. I am just happy that i have such a caring husband..

I generally ignore her words and dont take it to heart, but today it was about my parents so got upset... I feel one day she will accept our marriage and me as Daughter-in-law.. Till then we have no other go but adjust..

Rakesh hugged Ramya and said..Oh Ramya, thats why i love you so much.. You are such a adjusting girl..Hope mom very soon realize how good you are..

But you need to promise me one thing said Rakesh..

What is that ??? asked Ramya..

We are spending 2days of Deepavali at your mom's place.. I am sure Aunty,Uncle will be happy if you spend time with them...said Rakesh..

Hmm..But what about Aunty.. She will never allow, and will get angry said Ramya.

Dont worry about mom, lets tell office has arranged a trip for Deepavali Leave. Said Rakesh.

A day before Deepavali Rakesh said, "mom office has arranged a tour. We will be leaving tom and back in 2days"

After this incident, Vedavathi was silent and dint bother Ramya much... As she knew Krishnappa and Rakesh is very angry on her.. So she just said do whatever you want....

Jagdish and Padma was very happy to receive them. Padma prepared lots of sweets and variety of dishes.. Jagdish gave Ramya Saree and Bangles, and a chain and dress for Rakesh. Oh what was need for all this uncle.. Said Rakesh.. Its your first deepavali Rakesh, its custom to give gifts to new couple.. Its alrite said Padma... Rakesh saw Ramya, when she hinted to take, he took them... Rakesh had bought crackers.. Ramya enjoyed litting Flower pots and Rockets...

After couple of weeks..

Wow what is this smell mom, oh so many items, Chukli, Kodbele,Nippattu,Uppinkayi,Ladoo, Obbattu so many items..
Have you started any new buisness ?? Asked Rakesh.

No Rakesh, your mom is preparing all this for her favourite daughter-in-law, your anni(atthige).. Suresh had called Rajni is back from her mothers.. As she is pregnant he wants us there to be with Rajni.We are starting in tom's bus, said Krishnappa..

Hmm ok dad. I will come early tom and drop you two said Rakesh..

Next day by the time Rakesh-Ramya came from office Vedavathi and krishnappa was ready..

Dad give me 15mins will freshen up and come said Rakesh..

Take your time Rakesh, bus is at 10;00pm only, infact finish your dinner if you want said Krishnappa.

No dad, its too early for dinner. Ramya can you bring me some tea and Chuckli?

Ramya got tea in 5mins. Where is chukli Ramya ?? - Rakesh

Take this, Vedavathi gave him 2 chukli's from her packed bag.

Why are you removing from packed bag mom, havent you kept some for us in kitchen ??

No.. I am not servant to prepare snacks for your wife..She is not kid, when she knows to brainwash and get married, she would know to cook.. Ask her to prepare for you said Vedavathi.

Ok, its getting late, lets start. No need for arguments said Krishnappa.. We will be away for 3-4 months take care of yourself and Rakesh ma..Atleast now have a good time said Krishnappa placing his hands on Ramya's head...

It was only Rakesh-Ramya again.. They were very happy..
Ramya felt like as though she was released from Jail and is left free.. Both of them tried new recipes in week-end, they cooked together, went for romantic dinners, movies and shopping..
Both felt life was very beautiful..

Occassionaly Padma and Jagdish invited them for dinner.. Over all it looked like Dream come true for Rakesh-Ramya..

On other hand, Rajni Suresh received Vedavathi and Krishnappa. Rajni had already allocated them a room, in her 3 bedroom Apartment, and Rajni;s father had arranged all costly furnitures and interiors for the house... Rajni had a full time maid who cook and clean the house...

Vedavathi was excited about her spacious room overviewing swimming pool.. It had a attached bathroom, double bed, sofa and TV...

Mom dad take rest, day after tom is sat.. I will take you around Hyderabad.. There are lot of places to visit here said Suresh...


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